Governor Desantis Says Phase 1 of Reopening Will Begin May 4


Governor Desantis says that except for 3 South Florida Counties, Florida will be able to enter phase one of reopening as of May 4. About 40% of Florida’s Covid-19 cases are from those souther counties.

“We need to focus on facts and not fear” Desantis said in a news conference today discussing his reopening plans.

He said the state needs to open gradually. He’s themed his reopening campaign “Safe. Smart. Step-by-step.”

This plan is for 64 of the 67 counties, including Brevard. Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties are excluded. They will reopen more slowly.

1) Schools remain closed

2) Visits to senior living facilities remain prohibited.

3) Elective surgeries can resume.

4) Restaurants can offer outdoor seating with social distancing. Indoor seating at 25% capacity with social distancing.

5) Retail can operate at 25% of capacity.

6) Bars, gyms, and personal services like hair dressers remain closed.

7) Vulnerable individuals should avoid close contact with people outside the home.

8) All individuals when in public should maximize physical distance.

9) Avoid socializing in groups of more than 10 in circumstances that do not allow for social distancing.

10) Face masks recommended in the workplace and in situations where social distancing is not possible.



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