What happens to NFL champions gear pre-printed for the losing team?


Any time an NFL team goes to a championship game, products are created ahead of time for both teams in preparation to be sold immediately after it ends.

But what happens to the gear of the team that ultimately loses the game?

The NFL is responsible for printing countless shirts, hoodies, hats and other fan gear, but Good360 steps in to take care of the merchandise of the losing team.

The organization partners with the NFL and provides logistics to ship the incorrect merchandise outside of North America to nonprofit organizations in need.

“It could be someone who doesn’t have clothing, or it could be very hot; they need a hat on their head,” Good360 CEO Romaine Seguin said. “They need a shirt on their shoulders, or it’s chilly; they need a long-sleeve shirt.”

They also work with other companies that may have excess products due to overstocking or supply chain issues, among other problems.


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