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Palm Bay City Councilman Jeff Bailey has announced his resignation creating a vacancy on the 5 member board. Under the current ordinance since there is over a year left in his 4 year term, it calls for a special election to take place between 90-180 days after his resignation date.

The city is proposing a change to the ordinance which will allow them to appoint a qualified person to the remainder of the term, by majority vote in leu of having a special election. The city’s position is that the special election will cost $253,628.04 to the tax payers which is what the last special election cost in 2019.

The council will be voting on this ordinance tomorrow at the Palm Bay City Council meeting at 7pm. The results of this poll will be shared to the councilmen.

How should Palm Bay City Council fill the vacancy that has resulted in the resignation of Councilman Jeff Bailey?

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