Dear Editor,

I am writing to encourage all residents of Palm Bay to attend the upcoming meeting on March 30th, 2023, regarding the ongoing issues in the Palm Bay Compound. For too long, this area has been a hotbed of unlawful activity, resulting in numerous deaths, injuries, property damage, and strain on our police and fire departments.

While increased patrols have been attempted in the past, this has only provided temporary relief. It is clear that new, innovative solutions are needed to address these challenges, and this meeting presents a valuable opportunity to explore these options.

Technologies such as gunshot detection systems, drones, and cameras have the potential to alert the city to crimes being committed in the compound, allowing for a rapid response to dangerous situations. These tools, when implemented correctly, could serve as a force multiplier for our law enforcement personnel, enabling them to effectively address the safety concerns in the area.

Moreover, the human toll of the current situation cannot be ignored. People have been beaten and left for dead, and two teenagers were tragically found dead just a few months ago. This simply cannot continue.I urge all members of the community to attend this important meeting and voice their opinions. We must come together as a community to find new solutions that will improve safety and security for all residents of Palm Bay.

Thomas Gaume

*The annexed property in the cover photo was de-annexed by State Representative Randy Fine and lobbyist Tres Holton back in 2019.


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