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State Rep Randy Fine threatens to burn his own synagogue to the ground because of LGBTQ staff

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State Representative Randy Fine made headlines yesterday when he withdrew his endorsement of Governor DeSantis and endorsed former President Trump for the Republican Presidential Primary. The most recent polls show Trump comfortably at 58%, while DeSantis is barely into double digits. DeSantis also trails Trump in Florida. Fine’s decision came after he discovered that the Governor would no longer intervene on his behalf for the President of Florida Atlantic University position he so ardently desired and had assured everyone he would secure. Fine didn’t even make the shortlist, let alone meet the actual qualifications for the job.

Publicly, Fine claims his reason for withdrawing his support is that DeSantis is all talk and no action when it comes to supporting Israel, defending Jews, and combating anti-Semitism. Just days before this unexpected announcement, Fine was lauding DeSantis for his ACTIONS on behalf of Jewish people and Israel. As the saying goes, the internet never forgets. He criticized DeSantis for remaining silent during a Nazi protest in front of Disney, conveniently omitting that he too had been silent.

While taking an elevator instead of the stairs at the Melbourne Courthouse, Fine tweeted, “The easy way is never the right way,” acknowledging that there might be repercussions for his actions. It seems there’s a first time for everything. Fine has a long list of ethical and legal violations for which he has yet to face consequences.

As Fine postures himself as the self-proclaimed spokesperson as a converted and adopted Jew, often highlighting that he’s the only Republican Jew in the Florida House, it’s evident that his loyalty lasts only as long as it serves his interests.

Fine and his second wife, Wendy, were members of the Temple Beth Sholom synagogue in Melbourne, FL for years. However, according to several members of the Temple they left when Fine discovered that one of their staff members was part of the LGBTQ community. Fine and his wife demanded the staff member’s dismissal, threatening to “burn it to the ground.” This occurred during Fine’s aggressive campaign against the LGBTQ community and drag queens.

The Fines resigned their membership after the synagogue’s leadership declined their demands. They also insisted on a refund of every penny they had ever contributed. We inquired about the total amount returned from the Temple’s President, but he remained tight-lipped. It’s unclear whether the Fines have reported this refund to the IRS for tax purposes.

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Fine has a track record of targeting Jewish individuals, not just in his temple. He has consistently attacked Jews in Brevard, other elected Democratic Jewish Representatives, Florida Democratic Chair Nikki Fried, and many others who don’t align with his extreme and often vitriolic rhetoric, which includes calls for the killing of children in Palestine.

Due to his vindictiveness, many are hesitant to speak out, fearing further retaliation and abuse from his office. Some elected officials have started to condemn his unethical behavior and threats of withholding funds from cities and even the Special Olympics over personal disagreements with local elected officials. The list of grievances appears to grow daily.

He’s now looking for new office space in the Melbourne Courthouse (outside of his district) and elsewhere, with security with a big pending announcement of that he’s been threatened again. Countless times, after Fine routinely makes claims of threats on his life, local law enforcement who he states responded state there is no record of such things.

Representative Fine and his wife declined to comment on this story.

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