We have obtained the full case report for Deputy Jafet Miranda and the investigation into charges filed by his wife Titusville Police Officer Frances Santiago in April 2020.

Deputy Jafet Santiago Miranda recently shot and killed two teenagers in what he believed was a possible stolen vehicle as they were trying to evade the stop.

Video from the altercation shows Deputy Miranda holding his wife by her upper torso and her hair. The report also says there were visible injuries to her upper torso and right leg. Audio recording of the incident reveals Deputy Miranda telling his wife “you hurt me now it’s time for you to hurt.”

During the altercation, the couples daughter stated that Jafet (her dad) hit her in the head accidentally while trying to retrieve his phone form his pocket.

The daughter is reported to had picked up a cell phone off the ground and record the incident which showed Deputy Miranda holding his wife in a side modified choke hold with his right arm while calling 911 with his left hand according to the official report.

The report also states that Officer Francis Santiago (wife) fear of her husband stemmed from an incident which was erported to Jafet’s employer on April 18, 2020. His employer (BCSO) advised him not to go to his wife’s house while he was on suspension as the allegations of violence in which he was the subject, were being investigated.

The threats were directed at the individual his wife was having an affair with and him needing to wear a bullet proof vest, according to the report. This incident of violence he was being investigated for occurred BEFORE the domestic violence charges.


The State Attorney’s Office after reviewing the case determined there was not enough evidence for a successful prosecution to the burden of beyond a reasonable doubt.

Below is a letter from Jafet’s attorney asking for charges to not be filed, and suggesting that the Titusville Police Department was trying to protect “one of their own.”


After the State Attorney’s Office dismissed the case for not being able to prosecute, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office put Deputy Miranda back on full active duty.


  1. I come to expect better from the Space Coast Rocket. Sadly after the election cycle they have reverted to gutter news and attempting to destroy a LEO’s life for matters unrelated to an event that involved the officer that the SCR did not agree with. In a court of law, if the matters are unrelated then it is not admissible. If you take issue with the shooting … than report on that. The fact that his wife is a whore and was cheating and as a human being he became upset over it and even as you reported accidentally hit his daughter while attempting to take out his cell phone should do NOTHING but remind people that Law Enforcement Officer are real people too. Not machines. If my wife was cheating I might be a little upset as well … and say some things I should not say. You are attempting to destroy this guys simply because he followed his training and CORRECTLY fired on an approaching vehicle. I feel sad for you.

    • Seriously??? So because it’s your opinion that his wife is a whore (willing to believe that much of the article bc it suits your purpose) then it was understandable that the officer would be upset & beat his wife? In front of their daughter, mind you. So, as long as there’s a reason to break the law, then it’s okay to do so. Gotcha. No more expectations of adults handling tough times with self control & dignity but sure as hell not going to allow 2 teenagers to get freaked out by a gun pointing, screaming officer & allow them to clearly TURN THE VEHICLE SO THEY DID NOT HIT THE OFFICER & flee. Now THAT is where we draw the line. It’s not like black people have ever been some sort of convenient target practice for cops or anything like that.

      When you say LEOs are real people, too, does that include suffering the same consequences for their actions as real people do or does it stop once they behave badly like real people? Real people being the ones LEOs are in charge of keeping in line. The ones they haul off to jail on a daily basis, sometimes unnecessarily. AND the ones they sometimes kill if they threaten their ego at all & might get away, having to be caught at a later time for the safety of all involved. Can’t let that happen, can we?

      One more thing – I think it’s safe to say that people deserve to know that an LEO involved in the murder of 2 teenagers innocent of the crime they were suspected of has a history of not being able to control his anger in a stressful situation. It’s no different than blasting a suspects criminal history which happens all the time.


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