Deputy in Cocoa shooting has felony gun charges, burglary, and domestic violence with children


Brevard County Deputy Jafet Santiago Miranda shot and killed two Cocoa teens last Friday. Brevard County Sheriff Wane Ivey released the dash cam video of the incident late last night, along with a statement saying Miranda was forced to shoot in order to save his own life.

Deputy Jafet Miranda (Facebook photo)

The video shows 16 year old AJ Crooms attempting to evade Deputy Miranda who is ordering him to stop the car at gun point. He then opens fire into the vehicle killing Crooms and 18 year old Sincere Pierce.

Anthony “AJ” Crooms, 16, left, and Sincere Pierce,18, right. Both teens were shot and killed on Nov. 13 in Cocoa during a Brevard County deputy-involved shooting. (Photos courtesy of Nino Lyons)

A public records background check has revealed quite a disturbing past of Deputy Miranda.

Records from the Osceola Clerk of Courts show that in 2008 he was found guilty of burglary to a dwelling unarmed, as well as aggravated assault with a firearm.

Just this year however, Deputy Miranda was charged with domestic violence with children on April 20th. His wife, who was the petitioner in the case, is also an officer with the Titusville Police Department, and was their 2017 Rookie of the Year and officer of the month in November 2019.

It is not clear how Deputy Miranda was able to be hired as a Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy with those charges, but the name and date of birth are a match.

It is not clear if he was disciplined for the domestic violence charges. In January 2019, he was recognized as Deputy of the month.

Officer Frances Santiago

He is currently on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated, but Ivey has come out in his defense.


  1. It can’t be right or the same person. FDLE likely would of decertified someone with that record unless there was no conviction. But even than hiring would be very iffy!

    • its not the same person.. anyone with half a brain can go to the Osceola Clerk’s website and plug in the case number and pull it up. This story is BS. The case in Osceola is Isreal Miranda, Not Jafet. I do not like Wayne and I do not agree with what happened here in the streets of Cocoa. But this type of reporting does nothing to help situations like this. If websites and so called news outlets cannot be trusted to tell the truth and and to not fabricate BS evidedence to get hits on their sites then they need to have the plugs pulled on them.. The screenshot they posted is is FALSE IDK where they got it of who made it for them but if you go to the Osceola Clerk of Courts website and do a serch for the case number listed it pulls it right up and the defendants name is Isreal, NOT Jafet

      • If you look closely at the screenshot above it names BOTH Israel AND Jafet as Defendant & Co-Defendant. Apparently they were being tried together & must be related, likely siblings. So, this doesn’t clear Jafet, it only means he wasn’t alone during the commission of these crimes.

  2. This article is suggesting that the officer was charged with felonies and is and officer but in fact those charges are someone else who is actually deceased and shows you right on the Osceola clerks page. You should be ashamed of your selves I hope they sue the shit out of you.
    Clear as day the person’s record you posted is actually Israel Miranda and he is dead! Termination of probation with his death certificate attached 10 31 2012

    • Israel was listed as the defendant. Jafet was listed as the co-defendant. He isn’t innocent. He just wasn’t alone when he committed these crimes.

  3. and for this site to post this without verifying the information is, at the very least, irresponsible! this is a hot button issue right now in Cocoa and you are adding heat and fuel to this fire with untruths! Oh and BTW, you did not bother to inform everyone that the DV charges were dismissed either.. WTG on a totally false story! It’s bad enough we have to navigate the POS Sheriff Office we have but we also have to worry about the information we are recivng about said office and none of that apparentoly can be trusted either! Great job!

    • Read the entire screenshot of the Osceola Record, and get your eyes checked. Not only are you wrong, this “deputy” has been charged with exactly what this article reports, and you just can’t seem to keep your focus after you find something to fixate on.

      Osceola records read as such:

      Defendant: Israel Miranda
      (Immediately below)
      Co-defendant: Jafet Santiago Miranda

      Him and a family member it would appear. Nothing like an Ivey supporter to read one line and make assumptions.

  4. and if you do not post either of my comments i will make sure the entire Space coast knows what a rag you really are. trust me on this

    • Thank you! Why can’t people see that?? They scream about slander & call this reporter out for not doing his job when they don’t even try to read or research anything themselves.

  5. I finished writing an article based on this before seeing these comments and they support my conclusions regarding the previous criminal charges against this officer. He was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling in 2007, but there is no record indicating that he was convicted. I also checked the Osceola court website and did not see Santiago-Miranda listed as a co-defendant in that case. It wouldn’t surprise me if he complained to the court after seeing this article. I also found nothing to suggests that he would have been eligible for felon with a firearm status. On the other hand Israel Miranda has an extensive criminal record.

    I looked up the domestic violence case and learned that it was a civil matter and not a criminal case. His wife got a preliminary injunction against him that was eventually dismissed.

    Despite the inaccuracies about his records I agree that he did not need to fire at a car that was trying to drive past him.

  6. This men is a danger to society he’s a child abuser a womanizer and it’s the worst person on this world such a liar. He know his intentions

  7. There was no records in the courthouse because he has family that works in the courthouse and they took all his records out that’s why but he’s a thief he’s a killer he’s danger to society


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