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FL Senate Candidate Sheridan Shuns Campaign Yard Signs: ‘A Waste of Resources and Eyesores’

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Candidate Charles “Chuck” Sheridan Criticizes Campaign Yard Signs, Emphasizes Community Engagement

Brevard County, FL – Charles “Chuck” Sheridan, a longtime resident of Brevard County and candidate for Florida Senate District 19, recently shared his thoughts on campaign yard signs, labeling them as costly, impractical, and ultimately detrimental to his electoral chances. Sheridan’s candid message reflects a growing sentiment among some political candidates who prefer more personal and direct forms of voter engagement. He’s a Republican facing legally troubled Randy Fine in the Republican Primary in August.

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In his statement, Sheridan apologized to supporters who had requested yard signs, stating, “They are expensive and a waste of limited campaign resources.” He went on to describe his negative experiences with yard signs in past elections, citing issues such as storm damage and their tendency to become traffic hazards and eyesores. Sheridan argued that the name recognition gained from these signs is mostly negative, as they are seen primarily while people are driving and can serve as distractions. The recent Republican Straw Poll may provide evidence of his message. Despite campaigning for nearly 2 years, spending endless amounts on thousands of signs, highly paid campaign staff, and over a million dollars from special interest groups, Fine barely won the poll by only 10 votes; 227 to 217.

In contrast, Fine’s focus has been almost exclusively on yard signs. According to his own campaign finance reports, he paying individuals thousands of dollars to put signs in people’s yards across the county. Many have complained that signs have been placed in their property, and they never asked for nor wanted one. many of them have been placed illegally in the right of way.

Instead of relying on yard signs, Sheridan is banking on his long-standing reputation in the community. With over 60 years of residency in Brevard County, he has been deeply involved in various charitable organizations and local activities. “I’m counting on my name recognition as a leader in the community, someone people remember as a person who cares and one that they can reach out to for advice or help,” Sheridan said.

Sheridan, who is recently widowed and retired, emphasized his full-time commitment to serving as the Florida senator for the Space Coast. He highlighted his intention to remain actively engaged with the community, attending city and county commission meetings, and staying connected with civic organizations. “My time will not be spent in Tallahassee alone; it will continue to be reaching out to the community,” he assured.

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His vision for the district is clear: “We are the greatest community in the world. We are not a community that dreams of the stars or reaches for the stars; we are a community that goes to the stars.” This statement underscores Sheridan’s dedication to addressing local needs and advocating for Brevard County’s interests at the state level.

As he campaigns for the Florida Senate District 19 seat, Sheridan’s approach marks a departure from traditional campaign strategies. By focusing on personal connections and community involvement, he hopes to resonate with voters who value genuine engagement over conventional campaign tactics.

Charles “Chuck” Sheridan’s commitment to his community and his candid critique of yard signs set him apart in the crowded political landscape. As the election season progresses, it remains to be seen how his approach will influence his campaign’s success.

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