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First ever “Florida Man” games features beer belly wrestling and evading police

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Move over Olympics; the Sunshine State has a new set of games in town, inspired by the internet’s favorite superhero (or anti-hero?) – the infamous “Florida Man.” A group of enthusiastic Floridians are preparing to showcase some of the quirkiest, beer-fueled, gator-taming, mullet-sporting challenges ever seen.

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Dubbed the “Florida Man Games,” these aren’t your usual athletic events. The competition embraces and celebrates the off-the-wall news stories Florida is famously (or infamously) known for. Think dodging law enforcement in the Evading Arrest Obstacle Course, scrambling to grab dollars in hurricane-like conditions with the Category 5 Cash Grab, or showcasing that glorious beer gut in some good ol’ beer-belly wrestling. As the organizers proudly declare, it’s a “unique Floridian spectacle” like no other.

If you’re scratching your head at the “Florida Man” reference, it gained notoriety about ten years ago via the @_FloridaMan Twitter account. The account humorously portrays the escapades of “the world’s worst superhero” with wild tales like trying to pay for fast food with cannabis or mistakenly bombing one’s car.

Ready to witness this zany showdown? You can snatch up a ticket for a reasonable $45. And for added flair, two stars from the nostalgic ’90s show, “American Gladiators,” are set to officiate the madness.

The creative genius behind this endeavor is St. Augustine’s Pete Melfi, who runs the media outlet, The 904 Now. Sharing his inspiration, Melfi said, “With all the ‘Florida Man’ headlines, we thought, why not turn it into a sport?” Expect a day filled with mud-splattered contests and uniquely Floridian challenges, giving everyone a chance to live a day in the shoes of “Florida Man.”

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