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“F*ck you. You are of the devil” Grills owner’s flaming letter to Anhueser Busch

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UPDATE: 5:10pm The owner has now published an edited version of his statement on the Grills Facebook page. According to staff, he originally was not going to make the statement public, and has published the current one without the profanity after we published his original letter.

Grills Seafood owner Joe Penovich released an official statement on his company’s Facebook page explaining his decision to suddenly remove Bud Light from his bars. In the statement, he said he would be sending a letter to Bud’s parent company Anhueser Busch.

Today, he shared the letter with his managers at all 3 Grills locations. We obtained copies of the letter from several different employees who expressed concern and fear over the owners actions and words.

“I’m scared personally. I know where we live and I know ppl have shown up with guns to places for less reasons. So I personally am nervous,” one employee told us who wished to not be named.

She says that business has decreased tremendously since the incident last week. Many of them are looking for new jobs.

At the end of the letter, he encourages people to smoke weed as opposed to drinking alcohol.

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The letter in its entirety is as follows:

Anheuser-Busch Corporation

I am disgusted by what you have done and what you are doing. You are the ones causing this division. You are responsible for making the gay community think that Grills does not welcome them and you knew exactly what you were doing when you launched this campaign. This goes way beyond transgenderism. Your corporation knew exactly the fire storm they would ignite in this country but chose to do it anyway. I pray all our eyes are opened as to why.

Our current plan is to eliminate Bud and Bud Light from our locations and replace it with a locally brewed, much higher quality Pilsner. Reference to all other Anheuser-Bush brands will be eliminated. This includes but is not limited to all promotional items such as umbrellas, neon lights, coasters, and apparel.

Grills Restaurants and Sunrise Marina will not co-sponsor or seek endorsement from Anheuser-Busch for any local events, such as fishing and golf tournaments that we have jointly promoted for nearly three decades. We are going to pray deeply about whether we should vaporize all of your brands and corporate corruption from all our restaurants and shift to all locally brewed beer. Decision pending. But what’s clear to me and I hope it is clear to everyone who may read this. You are of the devil Anheuser Bush, you and all the corporate control and manipulation that has come upon the world.

To the gay and trans community. We do love you and all have close friends and family who are gay and some who are considering this option. There is no judgment in my heart towards you, my God I know it been a tough ride. I know about the abuse, my heart breaks for what you have endured. But there is a horrific lie being put out by the devil. The post-surgery suicide rates prove this will not solve the mental torment many have suffered or may be suffering. It’s a lie this will not fix the problem. I promise. Please, please ask others. Check the facts and look beyond what you’re being programmed to think is hateful conspiracy. I promise it is loving truth.

Transgenderism is reaching younger and younger children, now under the veil of sports urgency. It does irreversible damage to young bodies before their own minds can make adult decisions about that choice.

NOBODY should take that right away from a developing child. It is the epitome of evil, the devil manifest on a lost and blinded world. There ARE dark hearted, profiteering medical corporations using mind control “affirmation” techniques, to profit from 300K alterations of perfectly healthy children….Fuck you. You are of the devil as well and share the same bed with Anheuser-Busch as this campaign clearly spells out. But your Day is coming, oh deceiver of the nations, as the Lord has promised.

To the community at large. Thank you so much for the support over the years and I am grateful for so many words of encouragement and prayers now. Let’s remember Dylan Mulvaney and anyone who doesn’t agree with this position is not our enemy. As Christians we need to pray in fear and trembling instead of screaming in rage and anger or we gravely miss the mark of love we were called to exhibit.

‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues, Rev 18:4.

In Love, fear and trembling.

Joe Penovich

Grills Restaurants.

Ps-PSA. As a Christian I do pray about the scourge of Alcohol for many people. I know more and more people personally that are getting benefits from proper cannabis use in fighting that battle. If you’re struggling in that area i’d much rather you stay at home, pray and beat the grip, than come to my bar. Felt The Lord told me to share that as well! Love you all. God Bless. Funny the Day?

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