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“We believe transgenderism is a social experiment…damaging our children.” Grills owner issues statement over Bud Light controversy

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Joe Penovich, the owner of Grills Seafood and its 3 locations, finally issued a statement in response to the reports of his establishment not selling “faggot beer.”

He starts off the statement saying that this was started by one person’s Facebook post that has since been deleted. That is false. The Facebook post is still up and visible to the public.

Original post he states has been deleted, screenshot at time of this writing.

It was also started by two separate Facebook posts from two separate people from two separate locations. Joe does not address the other post in his statement.

Joe does not deny what was claimed to be stated by his staff of saying they “don’t sell faggot beer,” but does state he is going to review the security footage. We requested yesterday that they publish their footage of the incident after one staff member gave her version of what occurred. They have not yet done so, nor agreed to do so.

Here is is statement in full.

Dear Customers and Employees of Grills,

Please forgive me for not responding sooner to these allegations (post below) as I was unavailable till now to do so.

This was posted on a personal FB account that has since been deleted but continues to be recycled by outlets with differing views than ours. I have requested to meet with this individual to discuss
these serious allegations and asked for a specific time and location on our property he heard and witnessed these things in order to review security camera footage.

I can assure you, our patrons and employees, many who know me personally and followed the Grills story, this post is not true and not remotely characteristic of who we are or what our reputation
in the community has been for over 25 years. Myself, management and our employees are devastated by the fact that this post deeply hurt members of the gay community and our employees that we have cared about and treated with the same non-judgmental respect we have given everyone for over 25 years. This for me personally and Grills as a company, is the first time we have really experienced an attempt to defame our character. But I get it, these are the times we are in, there is a divide growing deeper and angrier over this and many other issues.

It is true we made the decision to remove Bud Light because of their support of something that is in direct opposition to our Biblical faith. There is no judgement in our heart concerning those who believe in these rapidly changing social values. But there is a lie being levied that we and other Christians hate Dylan Mulvaney and the gay community. Nothing could be further from the truth in
our hearts and minds. Our decision was made with many tears for this circumstance and what we see as corporate greed and a deeper spiritual reality coming upon this world.

Setting aside a deeper dive into our Biblical viewpoints for now, we believe transgenderism is a social experiment causing irreversible damage to a growing population of younger and younger
children. We will not align with it in any way.

We are prayerfully asking God how to separate from corporations such as Anheuser-Bush that are promoting and attempting to profit from this experiment. A letter written to their corporate
headquarters that outlines our decisions to date will be made available to the public. These plans are subject to change as this situation develops further.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Joe Penovich
Owner Grills Restaurants

Several current and former staff members have reached out to us and shared their own experiences with the organization that contradicts some of the public statements made by staff on social media.

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