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Moms for Liberty founder’s 3-some partner FL GOP’s Chair sexual encounter lasted less than 2 minutes according to police records

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The newly disclosed records include a video transcript that plays a critical role in debunking allegations of rape against Christian Ziegler, although they also delve into the dynamics of a prior consensual threesome involving Ziegler, his wife Bridget, a member of the Sarasota County School Board, and the accuser. These documents were made public by the Florida Center For Government Accountability following their successful efforts to obtain records related to the now-concluded criminal probe into Ziegler.

The records reveal a video, lasting just under two minutes, which Ziegler submitted to authorities when accused of rape by a Sarasota woman. According to a police report, the authenticity of the video—dated October 2, 2023—was confirmed, documenting an encounter that the woman later disputed. Initially, the woman had agreed to the meeting, expecting Bridget Ziegler to be present, and retracted her consent in a text to Christian Ziegler upon learning of Bridget’s absence, stating, “Sorry I was mostly in for her.”

Despite her withdrawal, Ziegler proceeded with the encounter, during which the woman alleged he coerced her into sexual activity while she was under the influence of alcohol. However, Ziegler has consistently claimed that the encounter was consensual, a position supported by the video evidence, which does not include his face and was taken from an angle she was likely unaware of.

The footage further captures audio of the interaction, where the woman can be heard directing Ziegler on where he could climax, indicating a level of engagement and consent. The police, after reviewing the evidence, considered the sexual act to likely be consensual and did not pursue rape charges against Ziegler. However, they recommended charging him with video voyeurism for filming without her consent.

Further complicating the investigation, the woman, when shown the video, denied any recollection of the event taking place in her bedroom and insisted she never consented to be filmed, remembering only interactions in her kitchen. Despite these discrepancies, the State Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute, citing the inability to conclusively prove the recording was made without her knowledge and her contradictory statements.

In addition to the controversial video, the police files include text exchanges from June 2021 that highlight previous sexual encounters and discussions between the Zieglers and the woman, suggesting an ongoing, complex relationship. This includes a message from Christian Ziegler reflecting regret over not filming a past encounter to view later as pornography, indicating a pattern of interest in recording sexual activities.

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The investigation also led to the seizure of over 26,000 videos from Ziegler’s phone, underscoring the extensive nature of the evidence reviewed in the case.

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