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School shooting threat sent by email to Andersen Elementary in Rockledge

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3/8/24 | 5:15AM | Update: According to law enforcement, the school threat that was emailed to BPS employees Thursday evening is not a credible threat.

Investigators spoke with the family and juvenile who supposedly sent the email. They were cooperative and had no knowledge of the email.
The investigation into who sent the email is ongoing.

Brevard Public Schools posted on Facebook about a shooting threat received by employees via email.

It states:

Statement on School Threat

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Brevard Public Schools employees received an email this evening threatening a shooting tomorrow at Andersen Elementary.

District Security is working with law enforcement to investigate the threat. As a precaution, extra security will be at Andersen Elementary on Friday.

BPS and our law enforcement partners take threats seriously, and we will work to ensure everyone’s safety during the investigative process.

We have obtained a copy of the threatening email that was sent.

The email came from the address Alloway@dnmx.org at 8:29pm titled “my manifesto.”

Hello, my name is REDACTED and I’m from Rockledge, Florida. I am a transgender person. My deadname is REDACTED . I have had enough of you anti transgenders being in positions of power and oppressing us. You finally broke me, you cisgendered transphobic assholes. When this is over this entire country will remember my name. I have killed my transphobic mother and tomorrow I will be hijacking my school bus and going out to Trinity Lutheran and Andersen Elementary and shooting every cisgendered person I see with a gun l’ve taken from my step-dad. All I wanted to do was help other kids transition but that was “grooming” huh? You’ve pushed me too far this time. See you in hell.

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