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Brevard Firefighter and Air Force Vet running for City Council

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Indian Harbour Beach residents have a new name to consider in the upcoming City Council elections: Adam Dyer. Here’s a closer look at the candidate and his vision for the community. The race is non-partisan however, Dyer is a registered Republican.

Background in Service

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Adam Dyer’s background is rooted in service. He has served as an Air Force veteran, dedicating years to national defense. Additionally, his experience as a Brevard County Firefighter has seen him actively involved in community safety and well-being.

Reason for Running

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Dyer’s decision to run for the Indian Harbour Beach City Council, Seat 1, is driven by his desire to contribute further to the community. He emphasizes that his campaign isn’t about seeking political recognition but about serving the community he has been a part of for years.

His Vision for Indian Harbour Beach

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Dyer’s vision for the community is centered on protection and preservation. He expresses a desire to shield Indian Harbour Beach from external uncertainties and to maintain the inherent beauty of the area.

A Community-Centric Approach

Adam Dyer speaks of the importance of the community in his campaign message. He highlights the bonds he shares with fellow residents, having grown up and raised families alongside them.

As the election date nears, residents of Indian Harbour Beach will have the opportunity to evaluate all candidates, including Adam Dyer, and decide on the best fit for the City Council, Seat 1.

Where He Stands on the Issues

(From his website)

Conservation: Growing up surfing and fishing in the area, I consider the conservation of the lagoon and our beaches a high priority, so they can continue to be enjoyed by our future generations.

Golf Carts: The current policy requires golf cart owners to register their golf cart as a Low Speed Vehicle with the state. We should create a policy that allows the city to inspect the golf carts, assigning them a sticker that the owner would pay for, which would allow the revenue to stay within the city, as opposed to going to the state. This would allow the city to have more funds to keep up with the additional costs of the increased volume of golf carts. Also, it would be beneficial to widen the sidewalk along South Patrick allowing golf carts to utilize it, alongside bikers and runners.

Short Term Rentals: They’re buying up all of the houses, which prices out local families, they’re buying multiple homes in the city (the revenue ends up going to their home states, not in our local economy, which leaves the increased costs to the local taxpayer on the additional services with increased workload), safety of having a continual, large amount of transient people, there’s currently no limit to how many STR’s a city can have. Indian Harbour is only 2 square miles and there are currently 300+ listed on websites.

Beach Parking: Surrounding cities are switching to a pay-to-park at the beaches. City residents get a FREE parking pass, but if you live outside of the city limits, you must pay to park. Indian Harbour should adopt this same policy and have the FREE parking reciprocated to surrounding cities. Without this, beach-goers will have the tendency to go to our beaches, which will clog up our beaches, making it hard for us to be able to access them.

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