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Brevard Comedy: Serving Sides of Belly Laughs with a Touch of Local Pride

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In the scenic landscapes of Brevard, there’s a heartwarming tale of a father-daughter duo that transformed the comedy landscape of the county. Founded in 2013 by Shannon Hall and his daughter Kailyn Meek, Brevard Comedy made its grand debut at Doubles Beachside. Over the years, they’ve moved audiences to tears of laughter, hosting shows stretching from Titusville in the north to Bayside Lakes in the south.

Life’s unpredictable twists, including weddings, the birth of grandkids, and the onset of a global pandemic in 2020, brought the family’s endeavors to a brief pause. But this wasn’t the end, merely a hiatus.

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Why the name “Brevard Comedy”? It’s an homage to the place Shannon and Kailyn have called home for the better part of their lives. Brevard is not just a county, it’s an amalgamation of diverse locations and people, each with a story to tell.

Brevard Comedy isn’t just another comedy outfit. They stand out by hosting high-quality shows with national touring comedians, many of whom have impressive TV and professional credits. There’s a keen focus on delivering unforgettable, professional entertainment, steering clear of open-mic nights. Their motto? Create side-splitting memories.

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Venue owners, take note! Brevard Comedy seeks spaces akin to banquet halls with integrated food and beverage services. They believe in forging lasting partnerships, offering tailored solutions beneficial to everyone involved. The onus of managing promotional materials and ticket sales lies with them, ensuring venues face minimal risk.

Their flexible schedule suits various frequencies, but they have a penchant for monthly Saturday shows. An evening with Brevard Comedy typically starts with doors opening at 7:30 pm, followed by the main event at 8:30 pm, winding down around 11 pm. And if you’re concerned about the aftermath, their efficient cleanup routine will put your worries to rest.

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Whether you’re hosting a private event, a festive function, or require a master of ceremonies, Brevard Comedy has got you covered. With a portable stage, advanced audio equipment, and a lineup of versatile comedians, they can cater to a spectrum of audiences, from family-friendly gatherings to adult-only evenings.

And if you’re wondering about the caliber of talent they’ve worked with? Before gracing platforms like America’s Got Talent, Stranger Things, or the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour, names like Preacher Lawson, Adam Murray, Devin Siebold, and Mike Rivera had left audiences in splits at Brevard Comedy shows.

In sum, Brevard Comedy is more than just an entertainment entity; it’s a testament to community, dedication, and the timeless art of comedy. Join them on their journey, and you’re guaranteed not just a show, but an experience.

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