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Winn-Dixie Covid-19 online registration much smoother than Publix, no waiting room

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Today, Winn-Dixie launched their own Covid-19 vaccine online appointment registration portal. Appointments were quickly filled, but users reported a much more streamlined and intuitive process than Publix’s website.

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Winn-Dixie’s, which resembles a chat message platform allows users to book appointments by location as opposed to statewide like Publix. The only location in Brevard County that is available right now is in Palm Bay.

Users were able to select a date range, and a time. The system would then book an appointment if available as close as possible to the time-frame requested.

Winn-Dixie is part of the same federal vaccination program as Walmart and Sam’s Club. More appointment slots will open up as they receive more allocations of the vaccine.

To book your appointment click here.

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