Video: State Rep. Randy Fine compares Brevard Public School Teachers to Hitler


In a closed press conference today, at an undisclosed location, Florida State Representative Randy Fine struggled to answer a question from a reporter about Critical Race Theory.

He advertised his press conference today claiming to show how hundreds of thousands of dollars were being spent to teach Critical Race Theory in Brevard Public Schools, implying it was being taught to children. The Brevard County School Board, the teachers union, and other officials stated previously that it was not. Fortunately Fine showed today that it isn’t.

What he did show was a long, drawn out explanation, showing a few staff members had participated in some training in which the theory was mentioned. He showed no evidence of it being taught in schools to our children at all.

At the end of the press conference, a reporter noted that observation and asked, “These seem to be all examples of staff training, and it seems in the past you’ve been mostly concerned with examples of educating children. So why are you so concerned with these examples that seem to all be about educating staff?”

After an awkward 10 second pause searching for an answer, Randy responded with “Hitler didn’t create the Hitler youth directly. He brainwashed the parents first.”


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