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Satellite Beach booting cars for unpaid/registered parking at beaches

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The City has selected PCI Municipal Services to implement and operate the beach parking program, including the Annual Permits, Hourly/Daily Collection, and Enforcement. PCI will be opening a local office in the City of Satellite Beach and will have a local customer service phone number as well.

If your vehicle has been immobilized (booted) it was due to one, or more, of the following conditions:

  1. You vehicle does not have a valid Parking Permit.
  2. You failed to make a payment for daily parking that is required.
  3. Your payment for daily parking has expired.
  4. You were not parked in a valid, striped parking space or you were parked in a non-parking area.

If your vehicle has been booted, you will be required to pay a boot Fee of $70, our call number is 321-307-3067 and visit to pay your boot fee.  Once you have made full payment you will be issued a release code that allows you to unlock the boot and remove it safely from your wheel.

You have 24 hours to pay your Boot Fee from the time it was immobilized. Failure to do so will result in your vehicle being towed with the vehicle owner/renter being responsible for the additional cost of towing and storage of the vehicle.

The Beach Parking Program will allow both residents and non-residents to obtain their Annual Parking Permits beginning on September 1, 2023. Annual Parking Permits will be conveniently available online, and Permits will be provided within 72 hours of submitting the application and required documents. The hourly and daily parking rates were implemented on September 15, 2023.

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You MUST obtain an Annual Parking Permit to be exempt from the hourly/daily rates. Annual Parking Permits are available to City residents at NO COST for all beach Accesses in the city. Annual Parking Permits may be applied for any time of the year and will exempt residents from the hourly/daily rates for a period of one year.

Non-resident parking permits will also be conveniently available online and will be at no cost for Pelican Beach Park and Hightower Beach Park only.  Annual parking Permits for non-residents for ALL beach parks will be $75 per year.   

Hourly/Daily rate customers will be required to pay either $2.50 per hour or $10 per day. All rate customers can pay either through an App, by phone, or through one of the kiosks that will be provided at Pelican, Hightower, and Shell Street.

Payment Steps:

  1. Call 321-307-3067, or visit to pay your Boot Fee and parking fees.  A valid credit or debit card is required for payment.
  2. A receipt will be emailed to you with a six digit boot release code.  
  3. Enter the six digit release code into the key paid on the boot.
  4. The boot will unlock (you should hear a clicking sound).  Once unlocked you can slide the bar free of your wheel and safely remove the boot.
  5. You MUST RETURN the boot in one of the Boot Return Boxes.  Boot Return Boxes are located at the Hightower Beach East and Pelican Beach Park parking lots.  Place the boot inside the Boot Return box and follow the instructions on the signage/stickers.  If you have any questions or issues, please call 321-307-3067 immediately for assistance.
  6. YOU MUST RETURN the boot within one hour of release or additional fees will be charged.  DO NOT LEAVE the boot anywhere other than a Boot Return Box.
  7. Peel off the Boot Sticker on your driver’s side window and dispose of in a trash bin.


DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE BOOT. OWNER/RENTER of the booted vehicle will be responsible for any damage or loss of the boot.

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