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Rivian Electric Vehicle Owners express frustration with charging on long trips

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The transition from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) promises a cleaner, more sustainable future. However, it’s not without its bumps. For new EV owners like Kyle Sizemore, adapting to the logistics of electric charging can present unforeseen challenges, as evidenced in his recent road trip experience from South Carolina to Florida.

Kyle, an active member of the “RIVIAN Electric Vehicles Discussion” group on Facebook, shared his frustrations about their first long road trip in an EV—a journey covering 624 miles one way. The trip exposed the limitations and inconveniences still prevalent in today’s EV infrastructure.

One of the main issues Kyle encountered was the complexity of planning for charging stops. Despite using multiple apps like native Rivian navigation, Electrify America, EVgo, Tesla, and ChargePoint, finding compatible chargers that were conveniently located and functional proved to be a struggle. On several occasions, chargers displayed on one app were absent in others, and vice versa, complicating the planning process.

The physical setup of charging stations also posed problems. Kyle noted that some charging cords were too short for where the car had to be parked, a simple yet significant obstacle that could easily sour the experience of transitioning to an EV. Moreover, he experienced issues with initiating charging sessions even after reserving them via an app, leading to delays and frustration.

Kyle’s experience highlights a common query among EV users: Is there a better way? Specifically, he wondered if there’s an app that consolidates all network chargers or a more efficient strategy for planning long road trips with an EV.

As we continue to shift towards electric transportation, stories like Kyle’s serve as crucial feedback for both vehicle manufacturers and infrastructure developers. They underscore the need for a more unified, user-friendly approach to EV charging—a system where compatibility and accessibility are given as much attention as innovation and technology.

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While the road to a fully electric future may have its share of obstacles, each challenge provides an opportunity for improvement and growth. By addressing these issues head-on, we can smooth out the road ahead for everyone making the switch to electric vehicles.

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