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Randy Fine says AP Psychology course is “WOKE”

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Rejected University Presidential candidate and pseudo-Florida Senate candidate Randy Fine chimed in on the latest controversy surrounding Florida Education.

Fine, who is partly responsible for pushing Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” HB 1069 and other controversial, and blocked by the judiciary laws, took issue with the College Board refusing to alter it’s curriculum of 30 years to accommodate what he calls “protecting children from abuse.”

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HB 1069 which just passed, prohibits the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-12 in Florida. The college level AP Psychology course discusses these issues relative to the development of humans. Randy Fine says that’s “WOKE.”

In a statement to WESH 2 News, Fine said “My understanding is this isn’t a very large part of the class. So I would think that taking this little sliver out wouldn’t be much of a problem. But again, College Board has chosen to say, ‘We’re so committed to woke-ism and we’re willing to sacrifice the class choice of these 30,000 students.”

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“I think it’s terrible that College Board would put these children in this situation. It proves yet again that the Woke left is literally willing to sacrifice children on the altar of their ideology. In this case, 30,000 students,” Fine said.

The course has been taught as is, in its entirety for 30 years across the nation. In that time, we are unaware of a single complaint of parents (who sign a permission slip for their children to take AP courses) alleging the course is child abuse or indoctrination. Fine and the Republican legislature and Governor DeSantis are convinced otherwise.

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So called advocates for “parental rights” are overriding the parental consent of parents explicitly stating they are ok with their child taking the course.

Somehow, Fine interprets an entire concentration of science refusing to literally delete parts of its curriculum to appease a law not based on science or reality as “sacrificing children.”

Brevard Public schools and other districts across the state have canceled all AP Psych classes in order to be in compliance with state law and protect teachers from possible criminal action for teaching the standard.

Instead, they are offering “alternatives” that possibly may allow the students to receive college credit. It’s likely they will not, because they too will have to alter the curriculum to be in compliance with the law. Should they do that, colleges are not likely to approve the altered courses for credit according to the College Board and the American Psychology Association.

Education Commissioner Manny Diaz issues a statement yesterday saying he supports the AP class being taught as long as it’s done in an “age appropriate” manner, not defining what that means or if refusing to alter the class would break the law.

It’s a lose lose situation for everyone. Clearly, based off the actions of the Florida government of late, Florida needs all the mental health professionals it can get.

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