Just moments after Florida public school superintendents cancelled upcoming AP Psychology classes for violating state law, Education Commissioner Manny Diaz says no you can teach it, with one catch; it has to be “age appropriate.”

Age appropriateness is not normally a prerequisite for college courses because they’re…college courses. But welcome to the free state of Florida where it seems everything is now subject to someone’s vague subjective opinion of what is “appropriate.”

Districts canceled the courses after receiving guidance yesterday that because the curriculum including discussion on sexual orientation and gender identity, it violated Florida’s “don’t say gay” bill which prohibits such discussions through the 12th grade.

In fact, teachers who violate this law can be held criminally liable.

Commissioner Diaz’s letter today, which appears to be damage control, doesn’t address the legality of the issue at hand. He simply states that the course is still available. He doesn’t say if teaching it as written is illegal, which was the stance yesterday.

Brevard’s superintendent Mark Rendell cancelled all AP psych classes today citing the law specifically in his reasoning.

With just days left before school starts, if this is any indication of how the new school board and new superintendent will lead the district which is already struggling with record vacancies, mental health services may be more important than ever.

Hopefully students will still be allowed to take courses to become mental health professionals in this state where demand is clearly high. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde may be the next book on the banned list.


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