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Palm Bay candidate says we should be teaching our children to look up to confederate soldiers

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Palm Bay, FL – Chandler Langevin, a candidate for Palm Bay City Council, has come under scrutiny for a series of Facebook posts glorifying Confederate figures and criticizing efforts to remove Confederate memorials. These comments, which include praise for Confederate General Robert E. Lee and President Jefferson Davis, have sparked controversy in a race where Langevin is running against an incumbent who is both African American and a military veteran.

In one of the posts, Langevin refers to Lee as “a man among men, a Godly and honorable presence,” and criticizes those who view the removal of Confederate statues as progressive, claiming such actions are driven by “globalists” aiming to erase history. He vehemently defends the Confederate cause, describing the Civil War as an “invasion” of the South by Northern states, and accuses modern interpretations of history as being part of “government indoctrination camps.”

These statements have raised concerns among voters in Palm Bay, a diverse community where such views can be particularly divisive. Langevin’s framing of Confederate leaders as heroes and his derogatory remarks about efforts to reevaluate their legacies could alienate a significant portion of the electorate, especially those who see the Confederacy’s legacy as intertwined with slavery and racial oppression.

Chandler teaching students at The Freedom Academy about the confederacy.
Palm Bay Mayor Rob Medina with Chandler at Medina’s re-election campaign kickoff.

Additionally, Langevin’s opposition includes a black incumbent who has served as a veteran, potentially making Langevin’s comments even more contentious. The incumbent’s campaign has not issued a formal statement regarding Langevin’s remarks, but supporters have expressed disappointment and concern over Langevin’s apparent nostalgia for a troubling period in American history.

Langevin’s statement that “A greater man does not currently live on this earth,” referencing Robert E. Lee and his “military prowess” overlooks the facts of Lee’s tremendous defeat at the Battle of Gettysburg marked a turning point in the Civil War and lead to his eventual surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865, effectively ending the Civil War.

In another provocative Facebook post, Chandler Langevin marked “Lee-Jackson Day” with a tone aimed at stirring controversy, suggesting an intent to “aggravate the woke mob.” By celebrating Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, Langevin aligns himself with figures historically tied to the defense of slavery, deepening divisions within the community. His post not only glorifies controversial historical figures but does so in a manner that appears to take pleasure in the discord it will likely provoke.

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He has clearly demonstrated the lack of desire to appeal to or consider the values of those in the city of Palm Bay who may not agree with his inflammatory posts and controversial idolization of leaders of the confederacy. Instead, he has all but labeled those who not share his ideals as a “mob” or his enemy. Palm Bay’s voters are made up of approximately 26,000 Democrats, 29,000 Republicans, and 22,000 non-party affiliated citizens.

Langevin’s comments could significantly impact his campaign, particularly among younger voters and communities of color, who may view his statements as out of step with contemporary values of inclusivity and historical accountability. But that is only if he actually makes it to the ballot. This election is Langevin’s 3rd candidacy for a public office, yet he has not actually qualified for any election to appear on the ballot.

In 2022, he ran for Florida State House against Representative Thad Altman who he called a “swamp rat.” However, Chandler on the final day of qualification, failed to do so as he did not submit all of the required documents. He then decided to run for Florida House District 33, but after receiving almost zero support and struggling to raise any funds, he withdrew and endorsed candidate Monique Miller. Now he has thrown his hat in to run for Palm Bay City Council. Next month we will see if he actually qualifies for this election or not.

He’s not alone however as he is also running alongside his close friend Nathan White whom he has endorsed as sharing “the same values.” White lost overwhelmingly despite significant support from State Rep. Randy Fine, The Space Coast Young Republicans, the Republican Liberty Caucus, the Brevard Federated Republican Women, and financial support from several political action committees. All that support was still not enough to overcome the rejection of the actual voters of his ideals.

Palm Bay Candidate Nathan White, and Chandler with his live-in girlfriend Jade who is a leader in Moms for Liberty.

As the election approaches, it remains to be seen how these issues will affect voter sentiment in Palm Bay. However, with increasing national attention on issues of race and historical memory, candidates like Langevin and White may find themselves facing tougher scrutiny from constituents looking for leadership that acknowledges the complexities of history without glorifying its darkest chapters. Voters appear to be growing ever more tired of the flames of social wars fanned by those who have historically supported the losing side.

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