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All Brevard County State Representatives re-elected without opposition except Randy Fine; Chandler Langevin fails to qualify

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State Representative Tyler Sirois, District 31 never drew an opponent for his re-election campaign. After qualifying period closed at noon yesterday, he was successfully re-elected without opposition to his 3rd term in office. He was also the only incumbent in Brevard to not receive the endorsement of Sheriff Ivey, although it is not clear if he asked for his support.

State Rep. Tyler Sirois self-isolating in Brevard after coronavirus exposure
State Representative Tyler Sirois

State Representative Thad Altman was opposed by Chandler Langevin who launched a full verbal assault on Altman when announcing his campaign.

Republicans in House District 52 will have two choices on the ballot to represent them in Tallahassee. Your choices will be between a ‘Ron DeSantis, Florida First Republican’ willing to stand up to the radical left…or a Niki (sic) Fried “RINO” who votes like a democrat and only represents the “woke” corporate elite. – Chandler Langevin

In his 2 minute video, Chandler says he’s “tired of being lied to by spineless swamp creatures who run as Republicans, and then go up to Tallahassee and vote like Democrats.”

However, Langevin’s words turned out not to be true as Republicans in District 52 (now 32) will not have any choice on the ballot because Chandler failed to qualify for his race. Altman will be re-elected without opposition.

Senator Thad Altman" by Thad Altman
State Representative Thad Altman

Chandler’s campaign failed to ever garner much support, only raising $10,000 after a full year of campaigning. He did however acquire a litany of fine’s and audits for his campaign finances. According to records with the Division of Elections, he had accepted numerous illegal cash contributions from donors, failed to file his reports on time resulting in fines, and nearly every report was determined to be inaccurate.

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On his campaign Facebook page, Chandler announced today that after much thought and prayer he decided (on the last day possible) to not run for District 32, and instead run for District 33 (Randy Fine’s seat) in 2024. (Fine will be termed out if he wins this current election). He also states that the reason is him and his girlfriend have been approved for their first house together in Palm Bay and that he “couldn’t justify moving in House District 32” do to the housing market.

However, according to his own voter registration, Chandler currently lives in District 32, the district he was running for. His girlfriend Jade who he references in the post is and has been a resident of Palm Bay this entire time. Lastly, none of these reasons are the reasons he gave the State in his redesignation letter to now run for District 33 in 2024.

In his letter received less than 4 hours from the deadline, Chandler states that the reason for his decision to change elections is due to “redistricting.” However, according to official maps, neither his residence nor his girlfriends residence, nor their future residence was affected by redistricting relative to their district for State House. So it is unclear what his letter means. When asked for clarification on these issues, Chandler offered none.

Chandler Langevin and girlfriend Jade

Also elected without opposition this year was Florida State Senator Debbie Mayfield. Senator Mayfield was running for her final term due to term limits and initially drew opposition, however none of her opponents qualified. Due to redistricting rules, Senator Mayfield’s term will be limited to two years instead of the normal 4.

State Representative Fine has already announced in several different forums his intent to run for Senator Mayfield’s seat after this term. After she terms out, it will be an open seat. Representative Tyler Sirois has also been mentioned as a potential candidate for the seat as well, placing him up against Fine.

Senator Debbie Mayfield

The only State Representative in Brevard to officially have an election will be Randy Fine. Fine initially was going to have a Republican opponent and again face a primary challenger. However, the powerful attorney that was going to run against him is a federal employee and would have to resign from his position in order to run for a partisan office due to the HATCH Act.

Fine does however face a Democrat opponent in November. Anthony Yantz qualified as the only Democrat in the race and will face Fine in the general election in the most competitive race in Brevard County.

Every State Rep district in Brevard is heavily dominated by Republican voter registration except for District 33.

After redistricting, Fine’s District lost 2,939 registered Republicans vs 290 registered Democrats. Fine was the Vice Chair of the redistricting committee, and had the map redrawn to finally include his Melbourne Beach home. The northern district line was shifted north and drawn through his next door neighbor’s yard. The southern district line cut off all of south Brevard south of Valkaria Rd to Sebastian which will now be part of a new District 34, with 15,992 voters now part of the new majority Indian River District, instead of Brevard.

May be an image of map
May be an image of map and text that says 'Indialantic Melbou Randy Fine's House outside his district Beach Old District Line that excluded his home Metee 乳 × Mosgb Malabar'

As of now, the voter registration numbers for District 33 are 42,558 Democrats; 47,024 Republicans; 37,203 No Party Affiliated; and 3,033 Other parties.

Anthony Yantz

Yantz is the only Democrat running in Brevard County for a partisan office except for two Democrats who have qualified to run for Congress against Congressman Bill Posey.

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