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Local clothing line owner highlights Brevard’s past into the present and beyond

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Dragon Point, a landmark at the southern tip of Merritt Island, Florida, has not only been a beacon of creativity and community spirit but also a source of inspiration for local entrepreneurs. Among them is Brevard County native Steve Huss, whose clothing line, Flomazin, pays homage to this iconic sculpture.

Dragon Point, located at the southern tip of Merritt Island, Florida, where the Banana and Indian Rivers meet, has been a notable landmark since 1971. This site was home to a unique green concrete dragon sculpture, known as “Annie,” which became a symbol of creativity and community spirit in the region.

The Creation of Annie

The dragon was the brainchild of Florida artist Lewis VanDercar and property owner Aynn Christal. Standing 35 feet high and 65 feet long, Annie was constructed from 20 short tons of concrete and steel. This sculpture served not only as a landmark but also as a playful haven for children and a beacon for boaters.

Evolution and Expansion

In 1981, under new ownership by Warren McFadden, Annie underwent significant expansions. This included the addition of a tail, an extended neck, two cavepeople named Fred and Wilma, and four hatchling dragons named Joy, Sunshine, Charity, and Freedom. These additions further cemented the dragon’s status as a cultural icon.

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Challenges and Destruction: Despite its popularity, Annie faced challenges. In August 2002, the sculpture was severely damaged and partially collapsed into the water during a storm, with vandalism contributing to its destruction. Efforts to agree on rehabilitation between the owner and Brevard County Commissioners were unsuccessful, and plans for reconstruction fell through.

Renewal Efforts and Future Plans

In response to the dragon’s demise, the “Save Dragon Point” organization was founded in May 2012, later renamed the “Annie and Kids Arts and Education Foundation.” In January 2015, local builder and developer Don Facciobene purchased the property, announcing plans to build a new dragon named “Rojak,” purported to be Annie’s fifth hatchling. Demolition work began in March 2017 to clear room for a new riverfront mansion and the construction of Rojak.

Cultural Impact

Annie’s story inspired a children’s book, “River Dragon: A Real Florida Fairy Tale,” published in 2003, highlighting its significance in local folklore and culture. The dragon’s legacy continues to influence the community, symbolizing the resilience and creativity of the Space Coast.

Flomazin: A Tribute to Local Heritage
Steve Huss, a local clothing and graphic designer, channeled the spirit of Dragon Point into his brand, Flomazin. His mission statement reflects a deep appreciation for the Sunshine State, its people, and the positive vibes that resonate throughout the community. Flomazin’s unique style and nostalgic designs, including those honoring Dragon Point, offer exciting choices of apparel and accessories, enhancing self-expression and celebrating local heritage. It has proven to be a local favorite as one of his best-selling lines.

The Flomazin Mission and Philosophy
Steve says that Flomazin stands for more than just clothing; it’s a lifestyle brand that encourages the pursuit of happiness and personal growth. Huss’s philosophy emphasizes patience, belief in oneself, setting goals, loving what you do, and living gratefully. This ethos resonates deeply with the story of Dragon Point, a symbol of resilience, creativity, and community spirit.

Steve’s clothing features many tributes to the Space Coast and all it has to uniquely offer. Whether it’s space, boating and fishing, first responders, performance wear, or just style, Flomazin likely has the merch.

The Flomazin Logo: A Symbol of Journey and Balance
The Flomazin logo, inspired by Florida’s state road signs and the Nike Flight collection, symbolizes the balance between logic and creativity. The design represents a journey, much like the I-95 that runs through Florida, splitting the logo into two halves. This logo encapsulates the brand’s essence, protecting and promoting the values just as the skull protects the brain.

Promoting Local Small Businesses
Flomazin is a prime example of how local landmarks like Dragon Point can inspire small businesses, fostering a sense of community and entrepreneurial spirit. By supporting local businesses like Flomazin, communities not only celebrate their unique heritage but also contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of the region.

Dragon Point’s legacy extends beyond its physical presence; it lives on through the creative endeavors of individuals like Steve Huss and his brand, Flomazin. This story is a testament to the power of local landmarks in inspiring entrepreneurship and community pride. As Dragon Point continues to influence the Space Coast, it serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of art, community, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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