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Kenneth Teague charged with multiple Rapes and Incest

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Cocoa, FL – Kenneth Millard Teague III of Cocoa was arrested June 11th, 2024 following a harrowing series of allegations involving multiple counts of sexual battery, use of a deadly weapon, and incest, according to documents released by the Cocoa Police Department.

The affidavit, signed by Detective Amanda Torello, outlines a horrific pattern of abuse that reportedly began in March 2021 and continued throughout the year and up to February 2022. The detailed allegations paint a grim picture of manipulation, threats, and repeated sexual assault against the victim, whose identity remains protected due to the nature of the crimes.

Sequence of Events

The affidavit alleges that Teague forced the victim to consume alcohol and drugs to incapacitate her before committing the acts, and would physically beat her if she refused. In several instances, the suspect is accused of threatening the victim with a knife, forcing her to drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels or holding the knife to her neck if she stopped. She also accuses him of threatening to kill her dog to enforce compliance. The victim states that she became pregnant from the alleged rape as Teague “didn’t believe in condoms.”

A 3rd incident that the victim describes, she says that he came home “buzzed,” got on top of her and forced himself on her as she tried multiple times to get away. She states that she screamed for help and that he held a pillow over her face to muffle the sound. After he was done, she says he would often sit around and play video games as if nothing happened.

Another incident occurred on Fathers Day of 2021 where the victim states that he tried to force her to drink an entire bottle of Jack while pinching her nose shut. As she began to pass out, he grabbed her by her hair and dragged her towards him forcing another sexual act.

The arrest affidavit (attached) goes into detail about several other horrific incidents that went on for the remainder of 2021 and did not stop until she found out she was pregant.

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The victim, reported the incidents to the Milton Police Department after fleeing to West Virginia, and detailed the multiple assaults in her statement to the police. Milton Police coordinated with Cocoa Police in investigating the assaults.

Charges and Legal Proceedings

Teague faces six counts of sexual battery, including charges of physical force likely to cause serious personal injury, and two counts related to incest. The charges are particularly severe due to the use of a deadly weapon and the repeated nature of the offenses.

The police affidavit includes evidence from a DNA analysis confirming that Teague is the biological father of the victim’s child, further substantiating the incest charges. The DNA evidence was crucial in securing the arrest warrant as it linked Teague directly to the crimes.

He is currently being held in the Brevard County Jail Police are urging anyone with additional information or who may have been a victim of similar crimes to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

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