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Former Councilman Peter Filiberto has filed to run Palm Bay City Council

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UPDATE: Filiberto supplied the following comments:
“Life comes with hardships, no matter who you are, whether it is self-inflicted or external circumstances. Many people overcome the trials and tribulations, but it is important to learn from it. I have been called a druggie, cokehead, even had my face photoshopped on a Scarface character; I neglected my own health and learned that I could have easily become a statistic.
Now I have an incredible support system that includes my Family & Friends. I received many letters of encouragement this past year and appreciate those residents who didn’t turn their back on me as they know I wouldn’t turn my back on any Resident.
My goals and priorities are to create a better community for Palm Bay, as we the Residents still have unfinished business to tend.”

Former Palm Bay City Councilman Peter Filiberto who resigned after DUI and Drug charges in February last year has filed to run again for Palm Bay City Council Seat 3.

Filiberto was arrested after a brief chase in Palm Bay which was captured on body cam, charged with DUI, reckless driving, and possession of 10 grams of cocaine which was found in his sock during aa secondary search.

State attorneys dropped the reckless driving charge, and they dismissed the other three charges, clerk of courts records show.

Brevard County Court Judge Kimberly Musselman sentenced Filiberto to 24 months of supervised probation with the Florida Department of Corrections on the cocaine charge. He was also ordered to pay $781 in court costs and fees.

On the DUI charge, Filiberto was sentenced to 12 months of supervised probation, which will run concurrently with his 24-month stint. He must also pay $824 in court costs and fines; his driver’s license was revoked for six months; and he must perform 50 hours of community service.

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State Representative Randy Fine who endorsed Filiberto and Mayor Rob Medina came under fire for not demanding his resignation after the arrests. Filiberto resigned 6 days later after the Palm Bay City Council voted to send a letter to Governor DeSantis demanding his removal from Seat 5.

Since then Seat 5 has been vacant. Palm Bay’s Charter calls for the vacancy to be filled by appointment of the council. However, Mayor Rob Medina refused to show up for 3 special meetings to fill the vacancy, infamously saying that “God told him not to” which caused the council to not have a quorum, thus not able to have the appointment. A total of 33 applicants applied for the appointment.

The seat has remained vacant since and is scheduled to be filled by a special election in November. Filiberto chose not to run for his old seat, but chose seat 3 instead which is currently being filled by Councilman Randy Foster who after suffering from significant health issues over the last year, is not expected to seek re-election. Former failed candidate Nathan White, who is close friends with Filiberto is running for the special election of Filiberto’s vacant seat and pushed Filiberto to run for seat 3 instead. We’ve also been told that Fine and Medina are also supporting Filiberto behind the scenes.

There are currently 5 candidates, excluding Foster running for seat 3.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.


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