The arrest affidavit was just released and states that Councilman Filiberto attempted to flee from the police after he was stopped, and then subsequently fell from his motorcycle. A search of his person after being arrested revealed cocaine and what appears to be crack cocaine inside his shoes. You can read the affidavit here.

Late last night, Palm Bay City Councilman Pete Filiberto was arrested by Palm Bay Police on felony drug charges, DUI, and 4 more charges.

The arrest affidavit has not yet been published, however Filiberto’s bond paperwork states that this is his 3rd DUI. However, after further investigation, court records show that Councilman Filiberto changed his name from Frank to Peter. Under his previous name, we found additional DUI charges.

His other charges include, reckless driving, operating motorcycle without a license, refusal to submit to DUI testing, and driving while license suspended/revoked with knowledge. According to records, his license has been cancelled since September 2022 for no insurance.

Filiberto who is part of Representative Fine’s host committee

He is currently out on $9,000 bond.

His father, former Palm Bay Mayor Frank Filiberto was recently arrested in 2019 for similar charges.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

Councilman Filiberto with failed councilman candidate Nathan White



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