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Dylen Shortt arrested for publicly pleasuring himself in girls clothing aisle in front of customers at Target

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Shocking Incident at Local Target: Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure in Women’s Section

In a Titusville Target store, a man was arrested for engaging in lewd behavior in the women’s and girls clothing section. Dylen Shortt, identified by his Florida driver’s license, was apprehended after being observed on store surveillance committing the offense of Exposure of Sexual Organs.

On July 1st, police were responding to a man appearing without pants on an outside bench at Target. No arrest was made at that time. According to the sworn statement provided by a Target Asset Protection Associate, Shortt entered the store and proceeded to the women’s and girls’ clothing sections. Real-time surveillance footage captured Shortt in the act of masturbating, with his genitals clearly visible on camera. The footage also showed Shortt spitting on his penis while engaging in the act and staring at passing females.

Just a couple of days before, Dylen had his amateur boxing debut in Melbourne, which he lost. His social media posts also show him to be attempting to pursue a rap career.

Dylen Shortt aka Dylen Luke (Facebook Image)

Dylen is currently out on $1,000 bond for the 1st degree misdemeanor of exposure of sexual organs. His bond stipulations forbid him from entering any Target store and to “stay dressed in public.” His next court hearing is scheduled for August 15, 2024.

Various social media post show Dylen attempting to be some kind of rapper.

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