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Disgraced former Commissioner Bryan Lober officially withdraws from re-election campaign

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Ex-Brevard County Commissioner Bryan Lober who was forced to resign last April has officially withdrawn his candidacy for re-election, just minutes before the deadline.

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Lober came under severe fire after reports of alleged personal spending of tax payer dollars for his own uses and spending about $40,000 on his office’s purchasing card.

The Count Commission ordered an audit of all spending of all Commissioners by the Brevard County Comptroller as a result of these findings. After the Comptroller, Rachael Sadoff found Commissioner Lober returning equipment to his office from his home when she went to conduct her audit, Lober demanded another agency conduct the audit and went as far as to question the integrity and competence of Mrs. Sadoff and her office.

The County Commission voted to allow Lober to spend money from his own office’s budget to pay for another firm to conduct the audit, however he was unable to find a firm to take the job.

One of the most infamous items in question was an office chair he purchased for over $700 that went missing and he could not recall who he purchased it for or where it went.

Lober then came under extreme pressure to resign after a series of blow-ups during the subsequent County Commission meetings where he made references to his genitals, and other bizarre comments to fellow Commissioners.

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Lober made his resignation official on April Fools Day blaming it on the death of his grandmother. Along with his resignation letter to Governor Desantis, he made several recommendations for who he believed should be appointed to fulfill the remainder of his first and only term. Among those on his recommendation list was Space Coast Young Republicans Chair Josiah Gattle. (He has also endorsed Nathan White for Palm Bay City Council)

The official audit is still on-going and may result in actual criminal charges against Lober should the findings warrant it, despite his resignation.

To date, the Governor’s office has not appointed anyone to the position, and it will likely remain vacant until the election in November at this point.

Today at noon was the deadline to qualify for that election, and Lober left it a remaining question of whether or not he would still seek re-election. That question was answered today when he officially withdrew his candidacy for the overall benefit of Brevard County. Until the election in November, or an appointment by the Governor, the citizens of District 2 are stuck without any County representation as a result of his actions.

Here’s the official list of the candidates for District 2 County Commission. No Democrats filed to run.

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