Congressman Posey wants answers from USPS Inspector General over voter fraud allegations


Florida Congressional District 8 Representative Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) posted a letter on his Twitter account to the Inspector General of the United States Postal Service.

In his letter he outlines 4 allegations of election fraud throughout the United States, and then asks the IG to respond to several questons.

A constituent of Florida’s Eighth Congressional District raised valid questions concerning the

  • Does the USPS offer rewards to postal employees to report any suspicious behavior
    concerning backdating voting ballots and other actions that undermine election integrity?
  • Do USPS facilities have tapes from video surveillance systems that can be reviewed?
  • Do USPS vehicles and trucks have GPS devices that can be helpful as part of an investigation, and if so,
    have you investigated to determined which vehicles may have been at the drop locations raised
    by eyewitnesses?

I urge you to investigate any and all potential irregularity or fraud that may contribute to the
public’s percept

Below is the complete letter.



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