Up and coming young surfer Jai was bitten twice by a shark while surfing with friends in New Smyrna Beach yesterday afternoon. New Smyrna is known as the shark attack capital of the world.

Jai was laying on his board when the shark bit him on his calf. He was able to swim to shore in extreme pain, losing lots of blood from his injuries.

He has been transferred to Arnold-Winnie Palmer children’s hospital in Orlando, undergoing multiple surgeries and blood transfusions.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with the tremendous medical bills to come.

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From the GoFundMe:

We would like to let everyone know that Jamerica son Jai is in critical condition at Arnold Palmer with a heavy hearts. Monday in the afternoon while surfing with friends Jai was out on his board and was bitten by a shark in the right calf. He sustained extensive damage to his calf muscle, tendons, and arteries.

Friends on the scene immediately sprung into action to help save his life and control the bleeding. The paramedics worked as fast as they could and he was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery to stabilize him and control the bleeding. His mother and loved ones met him there to pray and be by his bedside. After he was in stable condition Jai was transferred to Orlando Arnold Palmer. Jai will need extensive surgery to repair the damage to his muscles, tendons, and arteries.

Jai is 12 years old and will be 13 in October. Jai just graduated sixth grade and is going into middle school next year. Jai is an avid athlete and an all-around American kid from surfing to skateboarding to soccer he has a passion for sports. He has a passion for surfing in the ocean and was in the process of completing his deep-diving breath-holding certification to make him an even stronger surfer.

We asked that through these trying times that everybody keeps them in your prayers. Jamerica is a single mother of Jai and has been through his entire life. Jai is Jamerica’s best friend and her whole world he couldn’t ask for a better mother. We asked if at this time for you please to like this and share this for your friends to read + get his story told. Jai and Jamerica will need as much support and love as they can get through these trying times.

With the extensive time off of work for Jamaica as well as medical bills that they were going to accrue during this hard time we asked that you donate in any way. Every little bit will help to ease the burden of this scary time and pain that this family is going through right now. We appreciate your love and support. We ask everyone to please say a prayer for this family today, tonight and tomorrow. They will need as much love and support as everyone will give them. We will announce updates as we get them. 

Praying for Jai and a faster recovery


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