District 2 Brevard County Commissioner Bryan Lober has silently filed for reelection to his seat. He officially filed to run back in September, and has been fundraising ever since. There has been no official statement from him announcing his candidacy, and even at the last County Commission meeting, when the opportunity presented itself to proclaim that, he only stated he was the only commissioner eligible to run.

So far he has been able to raise a total of $4,850, with the largest donation of $1,000 coming from Sheriff Ivey. That could explain the outrage of Alton Edmond being nominated by Lober for the board which resulted in him being pressured reportedly by Ivey to withdraw the nomination.

As of yet, no other candidates have filed for election for any office in the County. With Lober’s liberal history over the last 2 years in office, he has all but guaranteed himself to have a primary opponent. He is still fighting several Florida Bar complaints as attorney, and also more campaign finance complaints coming from his previous election.

The most notable difference so far however is that in 2018 Lober’s main campaign position was that he was a self funded candidate, and would not take donations from anyone so that he would not be beholden to anyone. That entire premise was challenged in a campaign finance complaint which revealed that Lober funded his campaign for over $100,000 almost entirely with credit cards which is illegal. No one knows who actually paid those credit card bills, and Lober has not offered to provide proof that he did.

This year he has changed his position. Instead of “self-funding” as he claimed last election, he’s started asking for money quite early, likely anticipating the uphill battle he will face in the primary election, and apparently not concerned about the appearance of being beholden to anyone.



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