Alton Edmond “appalled” by Sheriff Ivey’s impromptu nighttime home visit to widow of military veteran Gregory Edwards


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Alton Edmond “appalled” by Sheriff Ivey’s impromptu nighttime home visit to widow of military veteran Gregory Edwards

GRANT-VALKARIA, Florida – At 8:48 p.m. Sunday, Brevard County Sheriff Candidate Alton Edmond received a text from Kathleen “Holly” Edwards, the young widow of combat veteran Gregory Edwards who died December 2018 after a violent confrontation with sheriff deputies at the county jail.

The text simply read, “911.” Edmond called Edwards immediately and could hear her crying and hyperventilating as she struggled to speak. She stated that several male Brevard County Sheriff deputies were outside of her home unexpectedly, and she pleaded for help. Edmond immediately called a few south Brevard residents he knew—including military veterans—who traveled to Edwards’ home to offer emotional support. He was shocked to learn that Sheriff Wayne Ivey and the deputies were at Edwards’ house under the pretense of “checking” on her well-being. Ivey, without Edwards’ permission, proceeded to hug her, having one of his deputies photograph the encounter. Ivey then told Edwards she could view the video depicting her husband’s last hours at the Brevard County Jail in a private meeting with him and one other person.

“I am shocked and sorely disappointed with the way Sheriff Ivey handled this situation,” Edmond said, adding that the community deserved an explanation for why he approached the mother of two in this way. “He showed a clear and utter disregard for and insensitivity toward Mrs. Edwards’ compromised state at the sight of the deputies’ unexpected presence. She had just tucked her young children into bed when they arrived.

“For him to send an estimated six units to her home and order them to remain there until he arrived on the scene for what seemed to be a photo-op was a despicable display of hollow empathy toward this young widow. Hasn’t she been through enough over the last 18 months since her husband’s death?” Edmond added.

“If he was truly concerned for Holly’s well-being, he could have arranged for a female deputy to check on her or contacted social services. Why so many deputies at her home? These men wore the same uniforms associated with those she believes caused her husband’s death. My heart goes out to Holly, and I pray for her speedy recovery from any additional trauma she may have suffered as a result of this irresponsible and arrogant action.”

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  1. Wow seemed a little one sided on the news coverage. Of course anyone who would run against the sitting sheriff would use this for their campaign. Not siding with the sheriff but it doesn’t sound like the whole story was told.

    Seems like Mr. Edmond was speaking on behalf of the widow and begs to wonder if that’s the correct truth of events.


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