State Representative Randy Fine is punching back against the claims of hypocrisy of his bill HB 1423 “Protecting Children” targeting specifically the LGBTQ community and not other communities. This comes after we broke the story that his wife, Wendy Fine, actually chairs a fundraiser each year for a children’s charity called Spring Forward for Autism.

Videos and photos from the past years events show Wendy dressed in lingerie, performing on stage in sexually suggestive manners. Representative Fine, a featured sponsor of the event through his campaign finances, first told Business Insider that he goes to the event all the time and can’t recall every seeing children there. He also stated he has no idea what goes on there (immediately after saying he goes there all the time) and the fact that his wife is in charge of it.

But he did concede that it is certainly not an event for children, especially this year’s which is advertised to have “sultry performers.”

Last night, Fine did a series of interviews where he made the claim that the event doesn’t say its not for minors because “people are smart enough not to bring their children there.” According to the organizations website’s photos, children are there nearly every year. At least one year, children were even performing with the dancers on stage according to photos.

Fine went on to say that “these deviants haven’t provided any evidence that anything occurring at these events would violate the bill he’s proposing.” A quick Facebook search provided the evidence he sought, showing at least 3 children present at this 2019 event. They even gave out a teddy bear.

Last year, Melbourne City Councilman Tim Thomas was appalled when he “heard” that someone twerked at the Space Coast Pride Parade last year, and that something needed to be done to “protect the children” from witnessing such acts. Fine stated during the closing of his bill at the last committee hearing that was the impetus of his bill.

Should his bill pass, which it likely will, what you witness in the video here is now a crime, and the establishment allowing it can lose their liquor license and be fined. City officials who approve permits for such events can also be jailed.

Rep. Fine’s proposed legislation defines “adult live performance” as “any show, exhibition, or other presentation in front of a live audience, which, in whole or in part, depicts or simulates nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or specific sexual activities.”


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