Super Secret Listening Session Scheduled for Friday – State Official will tiptoe in then run out.



The Secretary of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Halsey Beshears will host what’s being called “a listening and discussion session” on Friday afternoon. 

Secretary of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Halsey Beshears

The purpose of the meeting is to allow owners of bars and breweries to ask questions and “be heard”  about their future.

DBPR Is being sued by a group of angry business owners from all over FL who say their bars and breweries are being treated unfairly in u re-opening, following the coronavirus shut-down. 

Bars and breweries have been subjected to a game of red light -green light- yellow light- red light and many say they are not going to survive the economic disaster brought on by the pandemic and the state’s response.

While the secretary alleges he wants to hear these voices, some might find it odd how the where & when of meeting were withheld from the media. And everyone else. 

And somehow Brevard County Rep. Randy Fine became the reservations desk for the pow wow. 

Anyone who is reading this who wants to attend needs to contact Fine’s office to be told where to show up.

Unclear if Fine, the middle man for this meeting, will be in attendance himself- having just been released from the hospital with Covid. 

Fine is always out front when it comes to transparency and access to and from our government. But for this- just this one time- he’s ok to serve as the guest screener and gate agent. For a PRIVATE meeting with a PUBLIC official.

Fine reiterates that citizens are to comply with their elected and appointed officials as they conduct tax payer funded meetings in private.

If you pay taxes, and feel like you should not be shut out of meetings that you pay for by your representatives, a good place to voice those concerns tomorrow may be Lou’s Blues Bar & Grill 3191 N Hwy A1A, Indialantic. (321) 779-2299 at 3:30pm. Stop by and grab yourself a drink and some answers.


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