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SpaceX Delivers the Goods:

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An Image review of the CRS29 Mission

Yesterday evening at 8:28pm SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon9 rocket carrying a Cargo Dragon capsule to the ISS. It was loaded with about 6500 pounds of food and water and research experiments to be carried out over the next six months. Lift off occurred from LC39A at KSC in Florida.

The early evening clouds gave way to a beautiful star filled shimmering night sky that created the perfect back drop for viewing the trajectory of the launch. The clear night sky also made it possible to see the various events of the Falcon9 stages such as MECO, the first stage boost back, second stage ignition and first stage landing at landing zone one. it was really something to see and hear. Not to be out done by the awe-inspiring cosmic dance of colors that could be seen in the sky, but sound was awesome too. A thunderous sonic BOOM concluded the evening show and rolled over the Space Coast trumpeting the success of human engineering to deliver the goods to astronauts living aboard the ISS. Below is a gallery of images I took from Kars Park in Merritt Island.

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