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Satellite Beach Man Charged with Multiple Sexual Offenses Against Minor

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Satellite Beach, FL – Tristan Taylor Jeczala of Satellite Beach has been arrested on numerous charges, including Lewd and Lascivious Battery, Sexual Performance of a Child, and other serious offenses. The arrest follows a detailed investigation led by Detective Corporal Aimee Ybarra of the Satellite Beach Police Department.

Initial Tip and Background

The investigation began on July 3, 2024, when the Polk County Sheriff’s Office received a Crime Stopper tip. The tip indicated that a minor between the ages of 12-16 years old, referred to as “L.M.G.,” was involved in a sexual relationship with Tristan Taylor Jeczala and was residing at his home at 24 Sunset Street, Satellite Beach. The tip suggested that “L.M.G.” was being harbored by Jeczala, who had been in contact with her despite knowing her true age.

Discovery of the Relationship

Detective Corporal Aimee Ybarra took charge of the investigation. The investigation revealed that Jeczala and “L.M.G.” had met on a social platform called “MeetMe,” where “L.M.G.” initially claimed to be 25 years old. As the relationship progressed, it became evident that “L.M.G.” was significantly younger. Despite this knowledge, Jeczala continued his illegal activities. Jeczala was questioned by his father, who he lives with about how young the girl looked. He told his father that she was 25 but looked so young because “she’s a model.”

Detailed Forensic Interviews

A crucial part of the investigation was the forensic interview with “L.M.G.” conducted by Jeanie Raciti, a forensic interviewer at the Children’s Advocacy Center. During the interview, “L.M.G.” provided a detailed account of her interactions with Jeczala. She described how she initially met Jeczala online and how their relationship quickly escalated to physical encounters. “L.M.G.” recounted multiple incidents of sexual abuse, including both vaginal and oral sex, which occurred at Jeczala’s residence and during trips between Polk County and Satellite Beach.

“L.M.G.” also described how Jeczala had coached her to lie about her age and to use a fake name when questioned by authorities. She detailed the manipulative tactics Jeczala used to maintain control over her, including providing her with alcohol and drugs.

Collection of Digital Evidence

In addition to the forensic interviews, digital evidence played a significant role in corroborating “L.M.G.’s” statements. Investigators reviewed communications between Jeczala and “L.M.G.” on platforms such as Snapchat and MeetMe. These messages contained explicit content and revealed Jeczala’s awareness of “L.M.G.’s” true age. The evidence included explicit photos and videos exchanged between Jeczala and “L.M.G.,” further substantiating the charges against him.

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Arrest Operation

On July 3, 2024, armed with the information gathered from the forensic interviews and digital evidence, law enforcement officers executed a warrant at Jeczala’s residence. Detective Corporal Ybarra, alongside Lieutenant Anthony Holland and Detective Wright, approached the residence. Upon knocking on the door, Jeczala appeared confused and nervous. The officers requested to speak with “L.M.G.” to ensure her safety.

“L.M.G.” was found inside the residence and appeared physically unharmed. She was taken to the Satellite Beach Police Department for further questioning and to receive support from victim advocates. Jeczala was arrested and charged with multiple counts of lewd and lascivious battery, sexual performance of a child, travel to meet a minor, lewd and lascivious molestation, transmission of harmful material to a minor, solicitation of a minor, and interfering with child custody.

Charges and Legal Proceedings

The affidavit filed by Detective Corporal Ybarra lists the following charges against Jeczala:

  • Lewd and Lascivious Battery (6 counts)
  • Sexual Performance of a Child (1 count)
  • Travel to Meet a Minor (6 counts)
  • Lewd and Lascivious Molestation (4 counts)
  • Transmission of Harmful Material to Minor (1 count)
  • Solicitation of a Minor (2 counts)
  • Interfering With Child Custody (9 counts)

According to the affidavit, these charges stem from multiple incidents between February 2024 and early July 2024, where Jeczala engaged in inappropriate and illegal activities with “L.M.G.”

The investigation included forensic interviews and a thorough review of digital evidence, which corroborated “L.M.G.’s” account of her interactions with Jeczala. On July 3, 2024, law enforcement executed an arrest warrant at Jeczala’s residence, securing both his apprehension and the safety of “L.M.G.”

The Satellite Beach Police Department calls on the public to provide any additional information that might aid in the ongoing investigation.


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