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Representative Randy Fine says if you don’t fear muslims, you’re a fool – ‘the majority of them are terrorists’

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Without even attempting to cite a single source, Florida State Representative Randy Fine stated that 58% of the nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world admit they support Hamas. He then goes on to say that number should be significantly higher “as some were smart enough to deny it.”

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He proclaims that “if you aren’t afraid, you are a fool.” Representative Fine then goes on to imply that the majority of Muslims are terrorists, and those that are not are the actual “radicals” and “not the mainstream.”

Starting his tweet with defining Islamaphobia as “fear of Islam,” he left out the remainder and most applicable of the definition in his case; the fear, hatred, or prejudice against Islam or Muslims.

“Now is the time to speak the truth,” he says, and that political correctness will kill us. He then inexplicably references Vice President Kamala Harris to end the tweet.

Ironically, just last night Representative Fine boasted about receiving financial support for his troubled Florida Senate race from the Indian-American community. According to various estimates, including those from the Pew Research Center, Muslims make up about 14-15% of India’s total population, which would be more than 200 million people, making it one of the largest Muslim populations in the world, in terms of absolute numbers.

When public figures make sweeping generalizations about a group of people, it can validate and spread unfounded fears and biases. This can lead to an increase in hate crimes, social ostracization, and policies that discriminate against Muslims.

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The tweet conflates radical terrorism with the beliefs of mainstream Muslims, which is both incorrect and harmful. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and do not support terrorism. Suggesting that Muslims are inherently radical or that Islam is not part of the mainstream is a form of bigotry that can alienate and marginalize a significant portion of the global population.

The call to “speak truth” and reject “political correctness” in the tweet implies that there is a truth being suppressed by political correctness. However, political correctness is often a pejorative term used to dismiss calls for respectful and non-discriminatory language. The real truth that needs to be spoken is one of tolerance and understanding, not unfounded accusations.

Representative Fine has not been shy about expressing his hatred towards Muslims. A quick scroll through his X (formerly Twitter) feed shows a litany of videos and photos Fine has shared of Muslim women children, and babies dying and being murdered. In most, if not all cases, Fine is celebrating their deaths and calling for more. Many of the posts he’s shared have been removed or has a community note added to it to show its misinformation. One video showed the final moments on a man dying on the street to which Fine stated it was “music to his ears.”

Representative Fine is now claiming that after all of his tweets calling for the death of muslims, he has been receiving threats and wants to move his public office to the second floor of the Melbourne Courthouse where there is security to protect him.

Images of babies dead from bombs, Fine states, “thanks for the pic. #bombsaway”

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