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Reports of fire at Odyssey Charter School

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Several parents messaged us today after their students sent home text messages notifying them of a possible fire at problem ridden Odyssey Charter School. Students reported alarms and emergency sprinklers going off soaking them and their property.

Last year, in a closed door meeting addressing the litany of problems the school was facing, teachers stated that the place is a “death trap,” referring to the extremely narrow hallways in the building, and over-crowding of students. The crowding is so bad that students are only allowed to travel in one direction in the halls even if their next classroom is right next door.

Speaking with the school, they claimed there was no actual “fire” but that the art room “over-heated” and there was smoke from the kiln. Kiln’s are commonly used in making pottery. The staff member we spoke to at the front desk also stated that the heat is what triggered the the fire sprinklers go off, and that they are just dealing with the water damage. She reported that their were no injuries.

One of the parents we spoke to said “I got really nervous when I heard, if they had fire in the upstairs there, it would be crazy trying evacuate all those kids.”

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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