Nearly two years after she was arrested, former Moms for Liberty member, Randy Fine staffer, former Palm Bay City Council candidate, and conservative activist Janice Crisp has been found not guilty by a Brevard County Judge on a charge of Disruption of an Education Institution. She was also arrested for Trespass Upon Grounds of School Facility after Warning, but that charge was dropped by the prosecutor.

In the order, Judge Katie Jacobus stated “the State of Florida failed to prove beyond to the exclusion of a reasonable doubt that the Defendant, Janice Crisp, did knowingly disrupt or interfere with the lawful administration of any educational institutional, school board, or activity on school board property contrary to F.S. 877.131(a).”

On September 21, 2021 Janice Crisp live-streamed the entire incident leading to her arrest on social media.

Crisp (aka Janice Stout) has a history of violence and was arrested at the Back Center in Melbourne, for “throwing her blood” on a security guard. Just days prior to this arrest, Crisp was captured on cell phone video spitting into the face of school board member Jennifer Jenkins, while protesting with a large group of people outside of Jenkins’ home. Crisp told her that Randy Fine sent her and says hello. Crisp was not charged in that incident.

It is not clear from court records on what prosecutors failed to prove in their case against Crisp, but the judge was not convinced. The video shows Crisp obstructing the entrance to the School District with her body, and ignoring commands by Brevard County Sheriff Deputies to move. She accused Sheriff Wayne Ivey of weaponizing his deputies against “patriots” fighting against mask mandates.

Crisp celebrated her verdict on her Facebook page.


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