Pro-Biden resident victim of patterns of assault, vandalism, harassment; all caught on video


Adam, is a pro-Biden and anti-Trump supporter who lives in the Live Oak subdivision of Melbourne, FL.

Over the last couple of months, Adam has been the victim of multiple crimes against him from neighbors of his community. He has captured most of the incidents on his home security cameras, or his vehicle dash cam.

Property Destroyed

On December 13, 2020, Adam’s neighbor across the street’s 54 year old sister was caught on camera at 3:22 am destroying his property. According to a Melbourne Police report, Julie Glawatz who lives in Georgia, was visiting her brother who lives across the street from Adam. Julie is seen on multiple cameras from Adams security system, walking up his driveway wearing a mask and sunglasses, and taking nearly 3 minutes to rip down a sign Adam had made that says “Dump Trump.” She then ripped up the sign, and threw it in his front yard.

In the video provided by Adam, Julie is seen multiple times looking back at who is believed to be her brother on the camera across the street. Adam confronted her the next day to which she admitted to doing it stating she believed the sign was offensive. Her brother also admitted she did it, but denies it is him in the video watching the incident.

Julie works as a Sr. Compliance Officer for a software company in Georgia. Her employer states they are aware of the incident, and are conducting an internal investigation.

Assault by Neighbor

On December 15, 2020 when Adam was replacing his anti-Trump sign on his garage, one of his neighbors, Daniel Chase, was walking by, and began to berate Adam with multiple obscenities and homophobic slurs. Adam took out his cell phone to capture the incident on camera. Adam claims that Daniel slapped his hand holding his cell phone causing him to drop it. In a separate video, Daniel admits to slapping the phone, but not Adam’s hand.

He also admits to using a homophobic slur stating “if this is the United States of America, I can call him what I want to.”

Daniel was given a citation for a trespass warning by the Melbourne Police Department. (language in videos is graphic)

Thanksgiving Brake Checking in Traffic

On Thanksgiving Day, Adam was driving on Wicham Rd right out front of his subdivision when a Toyota FJ Cruiser owned by Steven Jones of Rockledge, covered with Trump decorations, illegally passed Adam on a double yellow line, then got in front of him and slammed on his brakes. At the intersection, Adam tells him that he has him on camera, to which the driver responds with another homophobic slur and speeds off.

Adam believes it’s possible that this behavior was sparked by his Joe Biden and equality bumper stickers on the back of his vehicle.

Adam’s bumper stickers

Adam states one neighbor told his mother directly in his front yard that on January 20th, a civil war will start, and that he was going to shoot Adam first.

Adam says that his neighbors have been flying pro-Trump flags for the last few years, and all he wants is to be treated with the same expectations of the rights to show support for his beliefs.

He says he has kept his “dump Trump” sign up because the President refuses to concede to losing the election.


  1. This happened on my street. Adam and his family are, seriously, some of the friendliest and sweetest people in my neighborhood. It’s sooo wrong for neighbors to harass them, simply because they disagree with their politics.
    It’s really simple. If you don’t like their flag or their sign…then look away. Or go put up a sign that supports your own views, in your own yard. But leave people alone to be who they are, and stop getting so butt hurt any time someone else’s views doesn’t mirror your own, exactly.

  2. Show the whole video, where Adam blocked the guy in traffic before the video you are showing. Of course we only see the part where the guy got irritated and retaliated. Typical liberal bias. Adam is the problem.

    • so you where there? going the speed limit (35 in that spot) is blocking traffic? typical trump cult fallower get a life! you are the problem.


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