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Porch Pirate Repellent: Security Cam Shoots Paintballs and Tear Gas

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Watch out, porch pirates! A cutting-edge home security camera, equipped to repel intruders and package thieves with precisely aimed paintballs, is making waves.

OZ-IT, a startup from Slovenia, is currently crowdfunding to bring its AI-driven surveillance system to life. The system boasts facial recognition and a mobile app, enabling it to launch paintballs—or even tear gas pellets—at suspected troublemakers. Named PaintCam Eve, the device features night vision, a warning laser, and a built-in speaker that warns intruders to leave. Should they ignore the warning, homeowners have the option to take action by remotely firing a paintball.

A promotional video for PaintCam Eve showcases its ability to deter not just human intruders but also animals. However, it humorously notes that it could mistakenly target innocent bystanders. To prevent such mishaps, homeowners can designate family members and known visitors as “no-fire,” ensuring their safety. The device also alerts users via their smartphones if an unknown person is detected with someone familiar, allowing for immediate and personalized control over the system.

Despite its innovative approach, the PaintCam Eve raises several ethical and safety concerns. Distinguishing between actual threats and harmless presences like pets or delivery personnel remains a challenge. While the device can be switched to manual operation to prevent misuse, its potential for abuse remains a concern, particularly among the overly cautious or those inclined to misuse the technology.

Legal issues also loom over the PaintCam Eve. In Canada, owning paintball guns is largely legal, but deploying them against people, even intruders, could lead to assault charges. The legality of using such devices against animals is also debated.

Details about the product are scant on the PaintCam website, which lacks comprehensive information on specifications, pricing, or measures to prevent abuse of the technology. The product is offered in three versions, with only the top tier featuring facial recognition—a likely expensive option if you wish to avoid harassing your mail carrier with daily paintball assaults.

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PaintCam’s Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on April 23, with no release date announced yet. As it stands, the device’s role in home security is as controversial as it is promising.

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