Police release statement on incident near Councilman Johnson’s residence; Rep Fine accuses police of crime


The Palm Bay Police Department released the following official statement related to reported police activity near the Palm Bay residence of Palm Bay City Councilman Kenny Johnson.

Councilman Johnson was attending a community event with other leaders at the Florida Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) during the reported time of the incident.

Unfortunately, State Representative Randy Fine upon learning of the incident the next day, immediately took to his social media page to spread false and misleading “BREAKING” information, even accusing the Palm Bay Police officers of “brandishing rifles,” which is a crime. As what has become standard practice of Fine, he used inflammatory language to sensationalize the incident and defame both Johnson and the Palm Bay Police Department.

He went on to accuse Councilman Johnson of having a history of violence and sexual assault, none of which are true. Despite Fine’s repeated and obsessive posts about Johnson and his family to deflect from his own legal troubles, Johnson has no criminal record whatsoever. Fine however, was just charged and reached a plea agreement in August for breaking campaign finance laws, taking illegal contributions. He has several other election investigations on-going against him currently.

While Fine is spending the rest of his day obsessing on this incident, reaching out to every official he can to try and gather more information, Councilman Johnson is enjoying his day with his son and family in Orlando. From the engagement comparison alone, between the two Facebook posts (which includes Randy ‘liking’ his own posts as usual), the community seems much more interested in Crayola, than more obsessive hate spewed from Randy Fine.


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