Major internet outage takes down sites like Amazon, Delta, Olympics, Playstation and others


Much of the internet has stopped working amid a widespread outage across different apps and websites.

Airlines including Delta, online stores such as Amazon, games including Call of Duty, streaming services such as HBO Max and a range of banks were unavailable, according to tracking website Down Detector.

Sites hit spanned across different fields, including impacting the site for the Olympic Games. 

The cause of the outage was not immediately apparent, but the global content distribution network Akami confirmed that it is investigating an “emerging issue with the Edge DNS service.” 

“We are actively investigating the issue. If you have questions or are experiencing impact due to this issue, please contact Akamai Technical Support. In the interest of time, we are providing you the most current information available, which is subject to changes, corrections, and updates,” the company said in an update on its website.


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