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Katye Campbell issues statement on removal of Brevard Schools Superintendent

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Re-elected District 5 School Board Member Katye Campbell, was against the firing of Superintendent Dr. Mullins. She and Jennifer Jenkins were out voted 3 to 2 on the removal of him. He in-turn agreed to resign.

Mrs. Campbell issued the following statement on her Facebook page today, after Moms for Liberty founder, and former Brevard School Board Member Tina Descovich came out in defense of Mullins today as well.

Yesterday was a very sad day – for me and for Brevard Public Schools. The decision to pursue a change in leadership was premature at best. Dr. Mullins was chosen for the position of superintendent only a few months before I took office, and over the last 4 years we have walked together through some of the most turbulent times school districts have faced.

As I stated to the board in yesterday’s meeting, an appointed superintendent serves at the will of the 5 elected members. No one in Brevard is unaware of the contention and displeasure of so much of the community with decisions handed down by the district over the last 2 years especially, but almost all of those decisions go back to the majority of the board. Well, now we have a new board. And after watching Dr. Mullins successfully work under the leadership of a sometimes very divided board, I had every confidence (and so did other county leaders) that he could serve just as well under this new board. Yesterday was perhaps the most political meeting I have participated in since I began in 2018.


Here is what I REALLY want the community to hear from me. Regardless of what you think about what happened yesterday or at any other meeting, PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON OUR SCHOOLS! Teachers and staff, please don’t quit. Businesses and community partners, please don’t stop giving your time and encouragement to support our students. I have already heard from some of you. We need your consistent support to help us through this time of transition and potential instability.

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Although I’m feeling pretty low today, I have hope that we can work together in the future to continue to do good things for Brevard. I also have great respect for Dr. Mullins and the way that he handled yesterday. I expected nothing less than the graciousness he displayed.

I will be turning comments off for two reasons:
1) It’s Thanksgiving, and I intend to spend most of my holiday with my family and not monitoring Facebook comments.
2) Too often people will comment on something on social media and think that they have done their part. That is false, and although the outcome of yesterday’s discussion is not likely to change, if you feel strongly about what happened, the more effective way to communicate that is by e-mailing the people making the decisions.

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