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A Judge should possess a number of character traits including honesty and integrity. 

On July 29th, a Judicial Candidate’s Forum was presented by the Central Florida Trial Lawyers Association. During the Q&A, Judicial Candidate Marc Jones embellished his trial experience. 

Attached are the trial transcripts form one of the feature trials Marc Jones has been bragging about trying during his campaign.  He frequently talks about a 12 day juy case that he tried before Judge Don Myers.   It was a complex business litigation trial.   The trial transcripts from this case have been pulled.  Part of the case was tried by a jury and part was tried as a non-jury trial.

The jury trial transcript consists of 9 volumes and the non-jury trial transcript consists of 3 volumes.  Each volume indicates the parties present during the trial and the Index to each volume indicates what the attorney actually did in the case.

In the jury trial, Marc DID NOT question or cross examine any witnesses, he did not do jury selection, he did not do opening statements, he did not do closing arguments.  The same holds true for the non-jury trial.  So, if he didn’t do any of these things, WHAT DID HE DO?   It seems disingenuous to say that you did a trial under these circumstances.  

If he were applying for civil trial board certification, this would not count as a trial.  The case number for this case is 2008-CA-1466.

Note: The volumes marked NJT are the ones for the non-jury trial.  This case was tried in Orange County, Florida.

If a candidate cannot be truthful during the campaign about their experience, what else can we expect if they were to be elected? 

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  1. Obviously the writer of this “editorial” neither read the transcripts nor has an understanding of second chairing a major trial. As most lawyers and judges understand, a trial is far more than which lawyer questions on direct and cross. Major trials require many attorneys on each side, each contributing. Further each lawyers’ contributions are not reflected in a transcript of the trial because trial preparation begins months prior. The author ignores, or is ignorant of these facts of trial practice.

  2. This article is a desperate attempt by the writer and the opposing judicial candidate to slander an honest, experienced and hardworking man. Simply bending stories to fit some second rate narrative for the purposes of scoring political points. You should both be ashamed of yourselves. The people in this community are much smarter than you think. We see right through this baseless article. FAKE NEWS

  3. The author of the letter pointed out the fact that Mr. Jones did not participate in the trial process as recognized by the lay person. If this was an election only voted upon by attorneys then this may be a non issue. However, since the lay person is only familiar with those aspects of a trial they have seen on TV or participated in as a juror there is an expectation that a jury trial transcript would include some reference to a speaking role by one who claims they tried a case. Absent that the lay person can only conclude that Mr.Jones did not try the case and that he is indeed embellishing his role upon the trial

    • Dean Reed- Just because a lay person doesn’t understand Marc’s role in the trial doesn’t mean he embellished it. This piece is clearly a hit job planted by someone concerned the opposition may not win.

    • Dean Read weighing in with an elitist word bending attempt to explain to us little people what is obviously a false narrative. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of the lay person Dean. We know exactly what this is.


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