Family of 14-year-old Jeremiah Brown who was shot and killed releases statement


Two teens, ages 14 and 16 were found shot to death in the Palm Bay “Compound” area Christmas evening.

The family of 14-year-old Jeremiah Brown released the following statement.

“Jeremiah had a short but well-lived life. The second child of five children. Isaiah, Jeremiah and Elijah were called the Bible brothers. Jeremiah was very kind, loving and respectful. We as a Christian family trust God for a speedy resolution for this case. We pray for the person or persons that committed this heinous act. Buying a gun is easier than buying a pack of gum from a grocery store. Jeremiah Brown came from a family of love not hate. He was on the family prayer line every third Sunday youth in action,” the message read.

Jeremiah Brown

The investigation is ongoing.
Police are asking anyone with information to call 321-952-3456 or contact Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS.


  1. Buying a gun is easier than buying a pack of gum from a store?? Really?? Please show me proof of this.. when was the last time your were ID’d for a pack of gum, an FBI background check, a 3 day waiting period to purchase a pack of gum. Even if you are eligible to own a pack of gum, the FDLE dragging their feet to slow down the process.
    Your comment was BS and highly uneducated, insulting ti the families that are grieving, just to push your leftist agenda, but that’s expected from you. Be better, we know its hard for you, post the truth, not talking points from anti gun trusts.

    • Read it again Stephen. Notice the entire statement is in quotations, you fricken idiot! It was a comment from a family member probably because it is not that hard to purchase a gun, a weapon that has took a child from them.


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