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DeSantis Swipes Left on Social Media Ban for minors – Revised bill in the works

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Senate President Kathleen Passidomo has indicated that Governor Ron DeSantis is likely to veto the controversial bill aimed at banning minors under 16 from social media.

This legislative effort, marked as HB 1 and prioritized by House Speaker Paul Renner, sought to impose stringent controls over the digital engagement of the state’s younger population.

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The veto, according to Passidomo, opens the door for a revised proposal that aligns more closely with the Governor’s stance, suggesting a collaborative effort to refine the bill’s language to address concerns while potentially retaining some form of regulation.

This highlights the dynamic interplay between legislative ambitions and executive prerogatives, underscoring the complexities of governing in the digital age.

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As the legislative session nears its conclusion next week, all eyes are on the evolving dialogue between DeSantis, Renner, and Passidomo, with the outcome poised to significantly impact the regulatory landscape of social media usage among Florida’s youth.

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