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DeSantis pushed for “woke” Bud Light to go broke, but forgot he invested in the stock, now he wants to sue for them going broke

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In the latest “Brew-haha” of Florida politics, Governor Ron DeSantis, who led the charge of boycotting “woke” Bud Light, now wants to sue the company for losing money. Why? Because he forgot that the Florida Pension fund has invested over $50 million in the company. So while cheering on the devastating loss of revenue the historic company was experiencing, in part from attacks by DeSantis and his lapdogs, they were also celebrating the losses of his own pension fund and its beneficiaries, i.e., teachers, police, firefighters, and others. That’s right, Florida’s own employees are suffering as a result of his “go woke, go broke” campaign.

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In DeSantis Land, however, he’s not taking responsibility for any of it. In fact, he blames Bud Light’s parent company, InBev, for the losses in Florida’s investment in them, simply because they didn’t align with his political views.

Now he wants to use more taxpayer dollars to sue them. For someone who attacks those who swing both ways, he has no problem playing on both sides.

“So what we’re doing since we do have these shares, we believe that when you take your eye off the ball like that, you’re not following your duty to do the best you can for your shareholders,” DeSantis said on Fox News’ Jesse Watters.

He’s gone from vowing to punish the company by making them lose money for their political stances, to now vowing to punish them for his campaign to make them lose money being successful.

It’s much like boycotting a restaurant that you have partial ownership in, then suing them for going out of business, resulting in you losing money… because of your boycott.

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“So we’re going to be launching an inquiry about Bud Light and Inbev, and it could be something that leads to a derivative lawsuit filed on behalf of the shareholders of the Florida Pension Fund,” DeSantis said, saying “penalties” fit the company that “put business aside to focus on its social agenda.”

Earlier this year, Governor DeSantis vowed never to drink Bud Light beer again, calling the boycott of the beer “righteous.” He said he’s more of a Guinness man himself. Ironically, Guinness’s parent company Diageo, has taken much stronger stances on pro-LGBTQ issues than Bud Light ever has.

In the meantime DeSantis’ approval rating in his bid for President has plummeted lower than Bud Light’s. After firing a third of his campaign staff a week ago, running out of money, and now falling into third place in polling for several states, he’s launching yet another campaign reboot according to his staff.

It turns out the “Make America Florida” messaging has not resonated outside of, well, Florida. They are shifting their focus to a more national message, and limiting Florida references.

“Downright low” is how a source who was present when the staffers were fired described morale these days.

“The entire campaign is on the brink,” the person said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

DeSantis is even polling way behind Donald Trump in his home state, and the over 100 state legislators that endorsed him, right before he signed their budget requests, have been silent through it all.

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