Every Brevard Legislator endorses DeSantis over Trump, except for Senator Tom Wright


As the legislative session has come to a close, and Governor DeSantis has begun signing bills into law, the inevitable campaign for DeSantis’ run for President is coming to fruition, setting the stage for a scorched earth campaign between him and President Trump.

Trump has gained the endorsement of at least 10 Florida Congressmen so far. There had been some question if he would be able to gain the endorsements of the Florida State Legislators as well. That question was answered today as the list came out of state lawmakers who are back DeSantis. Of the 113 Republicans in the legislature, 99 endorsed DeSantis.

On the last day of session, an endorsement form for DeSantis was floating around the House Floor seeking DeSantis support. Some felt it was a strong message from DeSantis who holds the veto pen to back him or possibly see your bills vetoed.

The Space Coast has 4 State Representatives; Chase Tramont, Tyler Sirois, Randy Fine, and Robert Bracket. All 4 of them endorsed DeSantis. All 4 of them previously endorsed President Trump.

Brevard also has 2 State Senators; Debbie Mayfield, and Tom Wright. Senator Mayfield who is termed out and can’t run for re-election is backing DeSantis after previously being a very strong advocate for President Trump. Senator Tom Wright is the only member of the Brevard Delegation who did not endorse DeSantis. It is not clear if he has publicly endorsed Trump.

Congressman Bill Posey, who was endorsed by Trump the last election has yet to come out in support of either him or DeSantis. Sheriff Wayne Ivey has also not come out publicly behind one or the other.

It is gearing up to be a very contentious time in Florida as division within the Republican Party will guarantee a blood bath between two of the most retaliatory politicians of modern times. The Trump campaign has already responded to the endorsements.

Here is the full list.


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